Cloudlife Podcast #6 21st March 2014

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Shaun Holmes setting up for this weeks Cloudlife podcast.

Welcome to the Cloudlife podcast recorded on 21st March 2014

In the Podcast this week

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Interesting stuff this week

Coming up next week

  • Another fantastic tip from Jenny Bamber
  • Another amazing Podcast and all sorts of cloud based chat

Special Thanks

  • Jeremy Hutchinson and Jenny Bamber for taking the picture for today’s blog entry.

For your Diaries!

The Team:

Matthew Morris | The Brit : @matmorris
Shaun Holmes | The African : @shaunholmless

Shaun Holmes

Shaun is our Sales Operations Manager and likely to be your first port of call at Desynit. Whether you first meet Shaun at a networking event, over the phone or at a meeting, you will be struck by his incredible enthusiasm for technology! He set out as a COBOL programmer and became a Microsoft Certified Engineer while also working out in the field. His real passion lies in meeting people and learning about their business. He believes in doing business better, and that means having great systems.

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