Digital Transformation on the platform

So how are you getting on with the digital transformation of your business? Have you got it cracked? Maybe halfway there, or at least doing better than your competitors. Perhaps you are not really off the blocks yet? It’s impossible to answer a question this wide. What’s more, the answer you get will depend on...

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Start with strategy

Digital Business Strategy

Having a ‘strategy for digital’ nowadays is a little like having a strategy for people. Or problems. Or processes.

Amy Grenham, February 11, 2021 Read More →

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Business Forever

We’re living in an age when a business can be built entirely online. The rise of the internet has turned life as we once knew it on its head and no longer are we limited to finding business, products or relationships in the location we happen to live. Just look at Amazon. The worlds biggest...

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Tips for Remote Working with Salesforce

Finally, we can all start to see the lights at the end of the tunnel. Isolation and uncertainty has loomed over us like a black cloud, and while our social calendar has taken a year+ hiatus, businesses across the globe have been doing everything they can to ensure they emerge unscathed. Thankfully for those of...

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