The Best Start for Salesforce

You only ever get one chance to implement, in your business. Speed is only half the story. Getting it right first time is the key. Our ‘ Best Start’ implementation package is designed to get your business running on the platform in a week, support you through the first couple of weeks, and keep you there in the long term.

Our package includes assistance with uploading your data to Salesforce.  Anything less would be a false start.

Do you need Desynit’s Best Start Implementation package?

“I was looking for a company to help us set Salesforce up and learn how to use it and help us make it fit our needs.”

Heather Child, Milestones Trust

What’s included in a Desynit Best Start Implementation?

The pre-engagement questionnaire

“We started off by going through what we needed from the systems and getting Desynit to understand how we would use it.”

Heather Child, Milestones Trust

To get the most benefit from the 6 day Best Start with Desynit, there is some vital preparation that needs to take place beforehand. We will give you a pre-engagement questionnaire to complete.

The first part of this document will determine who are going to be the key players in the project. The second part will ask the questions that will determine your vision for the project, current pain points and the guide you through prioritising these goals.

Consultancy (day 1 to 2)

With your key players and overall vision and goals in place, its time to get started with the 6 day engagement.

Over the course of days 1 and 2, we will work with you to define the plan in detail. This will include the rollout plan, the process, the fields (eg leads, accounts, contacts) and the reports you will need.

Implementation (day 2 to 5)

“The platform only becomes real when you are working with your own customer records.”

Gary McGeorge, Salesforce consultant and Desynit Director

This is when we bring your plans to life. This may include:-

  • Organising your lightning home page to contain the most useful stuff you need up front
  • Adding and removing tabs so you can get to what you need quickly without distractions
  • Re-organising and re-naming fields to they make sense for your business
  • Assist with uploading your data…

NB Uploading your data is often not included in your usual Quick Start Implementation packages. At Desynit, we include data upload assistance, as we think this is key to getting a business up and running successfully. All data will be managed on your site, in accordance with data compliance regulation.

Training (day 5)

Once the system is up and running, we will run through the Salesforce installation with you and your key users, and give you the training you need to use the system effectively.

At this stage, we will be able to identify and flush out any issues which need resolving.

Final refinement and project close (day 6)

“Before, pulling together information was a very laborious, time-consuming process, so Desynit have cut hours off this time. What previously took four hours on a monthly basis, now takes half an hour”

Justin Mendleton, The Retention People

Final fine tuning, probably in the form of setting up some key reports, and a bit more training. We will give you some recommendations on where you could go from here, and we can talk about whether you will need any support from us on an ongoing basis. We will leave you in a position to come in the next day and get going on your new system.

Post-engagement support (14 days)

Adoption is the critical success factor for your new system. We will have left you with the reports and metrics you need to measure user adoption.

As part of the Best Start engagement you will be eligible for a 14 day trial of our Salesforce support service.

Who is Best Start for?

  • Businesses who have chosen, but have yet to get started
  • You may be a new venture, or you may be moving across from an existing system
  • You are likely to have little in-house expertise
  • You recognise that paying for some expertise up front makes all the difference in the long term


£5,000 for a standard 6-day implementation, plus access to 14 days support

Why Desynit?

The standard of service is really, really good. What the guys have been really good at has been going out of their way to help. I would definitely recommend Desynit to others

Justin Mendleton, The Retention People