The Dev Zone

You hear the door slam and realise there is nowhere left to run. You close your eyes and hope that this is just imagination. The terror of seeing lazy hacks and bad config is gonna thrill you tonight. But then it becomes apparent that you’re not stuck in a Thriller scene and all the lazy...

Jenny Bamber, October 27, 2017 Read More →

How do I schedule APEX programmatically?

Scheduling Apex Programmatically

Scheduled APEX is great: In fact, it’s the only way to queue up code in Salesforce to be run repeatedly at a set time. One of our Salesforce developers, Tom Blockley, looks at the best way to use it.

Amy Grenham, October 17, 2017 Read More →

Salesforce Apex, Workflow and Backgammon: Admin Vs Developer Challenge 2

Salesforce Apex Admin vs Dev

When it comes to clicks vs code, there ain’t a field that can’t be automatically updated or record created. This week we share our thoughts about Salesforce automation, focusing on the standard features of Workflow Rules and the complex features of Apex. Furthermore we aim to answer the classic question – when to use these...

Jenny Bamber, September 28, 2017 Read More →