Pardot Implementation Package

We handle your initial Pardot setup, Salesforce integration and training, so that your team can start sending out their first marketing communications within days.

Not only will you see a return on your licence fee investment faster, we will equip you with everything you need to drive marketing success in the long term with Pardot.

Who is our Pardot Best Start for?

Our Pardot Best Start implementation is aimed at businesses already up and running on the Salesforce platform. For organisations that focus on B2B sales, Pardot is a fantastic tool set for building and managing a marketing pipeline, in order to deliver sales-ready leads. What’s more, this is the right platform to deliver effective marketing activities that keep you well within the legislative requirements of GDPR.

What’s included in the Pardot Best Start Package

Project Setup

  • Review of your Pardot marketing requirements
  • Confirm your project plan, including steps and timing.
  • Gather all the required deliverables e.g server access etc.

Technical Setup

  • Implement tracking code across your web pages, in order to track visitor and prospect activities
  • Create a tracker domain for seamless transition to Pardot hosted links
  • Implement email authentication to verify Pardot as a sender of emails on behalf of your domain.

User Setup

  • Creating Pardot users manually, via import or Salesforce User Sync

Salesforce CRM Integration

  • Installation of the Pardot Salesforce app
  • Adding relevant Pardot fields to Salesforce Page Layouts
  • Configuring Single Sign On (SSO) for all Users
  • Creation of and mapping of up to three Custom Fields
  • Mapping fields for Salesforce and Pardot sync

Initial Marketing Setup

  • 2 Email templates
  • 1 Landing page template
  • 1 Email preference centre
  • 1 Engagement programme
  • 1 Automation rule

Training & Support

  • Initial Pardot 1-2-1 training session on new system
  • 4 hours post-implementation telephone support

How long does it take and what will it cost?

Our Pardot Best Start Package will take a total of 4 days. Please note that in order to make best use of the time, these will not be consecutive days. As a guide, please allow 3 weeks to be up and running on Pardot. For details of our costs, fill out our form to receive our pricing email.

A tailored package

Want to talk to us about adding in additional features or services not currently included in the Best Start package? For example you might be interested in the following services:

  • B2B Marketing Analytics Setup
  • Salesforce Engage
  • Additional marketing elements e.g. engagement programmes; email templates; website forms; landing pages

Please contact Amy on 0117 373 6794 and we can put together a bespoke package to fit your requirements.

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