Are your Salesforce Support team fully Salesforce certified?

The Desynit Salesforce Support team hold a wide range of Salesforce certificates between them:-

  • 2 Salesforce Administrators
  • 2 Advanced Salesforce Administrators
  • 2 Service Cloud Consultants
  • 2 Sales Cloud Consultants
  • 2 Pardot Specialists

We also have access to a team of Certified Salesforce Advanced Developers, for when we need some expertise that goes beyond clicks. No one gets to rest on their laurels: Our team are committed to keeping their certs up to date, and regularly take their update exams.

Who are the Salesforce Support team?

The Desynit core Support team are Jenny Bamber, James Harbutt and Angus Brown. There will be occasions when other members of the Desynit team become involved in specific cases, if they have a particularly relevant area of expertise.

How would I contact you?

Once you have started a support contract with us, we will give you a dedicated support email address for you to send your requests to. This will create a case in Salesforce for our support team, and they will answer your case within our agreed time limits. We will also provide you with a telephone number to call for more urgent or business critical requests.

How much does Desynit’s Salesforce Support Service cost?

We have a three-tiered Support Package offering, starting with our basic ‘Lift Off’ package, mid-range ‘High Altitude’ and then our premium package ‘Stratospheric’. Each of our packages has a different level of service and pricing, and you can download our pricing via the ‘Get the Guide’ link at the bottom of this page.

What are your SLAs (Service Level Agreements)?

We will respond to you within 24 hours, with a resolution plan at a minimum, although we will endeavour to deliver a full solution within that time. For urgent queries/business critical issues, you can call us on a dedicated phone line.

Will I always speak to the same person?

For our Stratospheric package customers, you will have a dedicated account manager who will look after your requirements. It is still likely however that this account manager will bring in other team members to contribute on issues where they have greater expertise. For our High Altitude and Lift Off customers, support cases will go to any member of the support team based on availability and again, areas of expertise.

What do you do if you can’t answer my question?

There is always an answer in Salesforce, even if this means thinking about the problem a bit differently and even re-engineering the current solution. The great thing about having a support contract with Desynit, is that while the great majority of your questions will be tackled by our Admins, you also have access to some very experienced Salesforce Developers for the occasional, truly thorny issue that requires a more technically complex solution.

In our experience, finding that an issue genuinely has no ‘fix’ indicates that there is a bug. In which case we will report this issue to Salesforce, while putting in place a workaround for the time being, to keep you on track.

Do you offer development services as part of support?

Our Salesforce Support packages do not generally include the development and delivery of new projects, that is to say brand new functionality in your Salesforce instance. In simple terms, support is about clicks (configuration) rather than code. Having said that, of course the line between new development and the support of existing infrastructure can be blurred and arguably could encompass development work of smaller scope. If you have support hours available in any given month and we have Salesforce Developer resource available, we will always do our best to put that to time to good use.  

Can I cancel at anytime during my subscription?

We have a 12 month minimum contract period and it is not possible to cancel your support contract within this time.

I don’t see what I need here. Can I get a bespoke package?

Yes, we can definitely talk about setting up a bespoke support package, that would come under our premium ‘Orbital’ plan, which we can tailor to individual requirements.

Do you offer strategic input as part of your support package?

Yes, we do. Our support plans are made up of both support and managed services hours. This means that there is time for problem solving on specific issues as they arise. However, we also work with our support customers to make sure that they are using the platform licences in the most beneficial way for their organisation. That means we make suggestions, we help you plan for next steps and we scan the horizon for what is to come.

I am not particularly technical – can you talk to me in plain English?

Yes, absolutely. In the first instance, if you log a case with us via email, we would ask you to describe the issue you are having. We will ask you to grant us a login to your Salesforce and then we can see for ourselves the issues you are talking about, so there is no chance of anything being lost in translation.

What are your office hours?

Normally 9am – 5pm GMT. However, we know that occasionally specific actions e.g deployment of new functionality and testing, need to take place outside of normal office hours and we can discuss that if and when it is necessary.

Can you provide customer references?

We certainly can. If you drop us a line, we would be happy to put you in touch directly with a few of our existing Support customers.

Can you give me an example of a typical support query?

Here are a few examples of queries our team has recently answered:-

  • Is there a feature in Salesforce to alert the user to the fact that an account is operating outside of credit terms, and that would stop any further transactions taking place? If so can you install, test and deploy?
  • The sync between Salesforce and MailChimp is not working correctly. Can you please investigate and resolve?
  • I need to deactivate all permissions for a number of Salesforce Users who have left the business, can you do this?
  • Can you set up a dashboard that gives the team a view of which team members are working on an engagement, and how many days each team member has booked on that engagement?
Do you offer any other Salesforce Support resources?

We blog regularly here on the Desynit Good Systems Blog. We also run regular ‘Ask the Expert’ Forcewest breakfast events. These free events are an opportunity to come along and get answers to any questions from the team… and even better, there is a complimentary breakfast 🙂 You can sign up here to receive invitations to our Forcewest events.

I am not ready yet, but in the meantime how can I stay in touch?

Sign up to receive our Good Systems Newsletter. This monthly communication will keep you up to date with developments in the world of Salesforce and Desynit. 

Contact Gary McGeorge at [email protected] or call on 0117 373 6784