21 October Forcewest – Lessons from Dreamforce 2015


Lessons from Dreamforce 2015

Sponsored by CloudApps and Salesforce.com

Whether or not you were lucky enough to make it to Dreamforce in San Francisco this year, this evening we are going to take a tour of the main lessons to take away from the event.

Aimed at users, system admins and developers and anyone interested in the future of managing business in the cloud, you’ll leave this event with an understanding of the headline announcements from the conference and what it could mean for you and your organisation.

Here’s the speaker line-up in full (kicking off at 6.15pm and winding up by 7pm)

Dreamforce 2015 – The Headlines and the Highlights with Gary McGeorge, Desynit

Gary is going to summarise the must-know information from this 4 day conference in 4 minutes. Wish him luck.

Your CRM is about to become your best coach with David Kirk, CloudApps

Learning from the past and improving the future just got easier, with an active intelligent CRM

No wonder that the concept of “CRM shift” came up at every keynote at this year’s Dreamforce. While CRM v1 was all about passive, data entry focused and static reporting world, CRM v2 is about to replace that with intelligent, predictive automation. Using new tool like Lightning, SalesforceIQ and Sales Path, organisations now have the opportunity to really get the full potential from their data. CloudApps is going to teach you what you need to know take advantage of the lessons your CRM holds.

Why everybody needs to know about Trailhead with Alex Tennant and Jenny Bamber, Desynit

Jenny and Alex were huge Trailhead fans even before they won the title of Trailhead Gladiators at Dreamforce. Now they are back, and they want to spread the good news. You’ll find out what Trailhead is and why everyone in the room needs to get on it. Ending with a quickfire question round and prizes for all!

Are you ready for Lightning to strike? with Adam Pearless, Nimbostratus

You are no doubt aware that Salesforce have announced a brand new user interface, available on the 17th Oct, with the Winter ‘16 release. Adam will give us a (lightning) quick tour of the new pages and features, and talk about why and how it makes sense for you to migrate to the ‘re-imagined platform’.

Beers, burgers and networking

Once we have heard from our speakers, we’d like to invite all of our guests to join us for burgers, fries and a few drinks at Three Brothers, on the next boat along.

Register now for free and we look forward to seeing you on the 21 October

CloudAppsThis event is made possible thanks of the sponsorship of CloudApps and Salesforce.

Finally, if you have not yet reserved your ticket, you will notice that this event is now waiting list only. Please do join the waiting list, as there is often quite a bit of movement on the run up to the event. Equally, if you have a ticket and can no longer attend, I would be very grateful if you could relinquish it on Eventbrite, or email me at [email protected] to let me know.

Register now for free and we look forward to seeing you on the 21 October

By Amy Grenham
14 September 2015
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