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Trusted by Many of Britain's Major energy & utilities brands
Energy & Utilities Expertise

Trusted by Britain's Largest Energy Suppliers

Desynit understands the unique landscape and challenges associated with the Energy Supply industry. We have decades of combined experienced working with different suppliers and different types of projects.

Previous Energy Industry employees

Members of our team have previously worked within Energy companies before specialising in Salesforce and bring that unique perspective to our projects.

Understanding Salesforce's place in your architecture

The complexity of the industry necessitates specific Energy billing and flow management systems, we understand how to maximise Salesforce within this framework.

Integrating with your existing systems

We understand the complex integration requirements that these projects typically have: real-time, batch, streaming or middleware (MuleSoft). Our development expertise means we can find the right approach for you.

Energy & Utilities Implementations

Sales, Service and Marketing

We have undertaken different types of projects for Energy & Utility clients. Whether you need support with Sales (B2B or B2C), Service, Field Service (Engineers on Site), Marketing or more we have experience in those areas of Energy clients and are here to assist.

Products and Integrations in the Energy and Utilities Industry

Salesforce with Energy and Utilities

Billing and Payment Solutions

Integrate billing systems with Salesforce to streamline invoicing, payment processing, and account management for customers.

Smart Meter Data Integration

Sync real-time smart meter data to Salesforce for enhanced customer insights and proactive energy management.

Customer Engagement Platforms (Marketing Cloud)

Integrate CRM with customer portals to offer personalised energy-saving tips and manage service requests seamlessly.

Computer telephony integration (CTI)

Enable click to call and automated tracking of inbound and outbound customer phone calls

Field Service Management

Link Salesforce with field service tools to optimize technician scheduling, dispatch, and job tracking.

Renewable Energy Tracking

 Integrate with renewable energy sources to monitor production and distribute data to customers via Salesforce dashboards.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Ensure your agents work quickly and efficiently by configuring Service Cloud to best practice standards

Field Service Lightning

Link Salesforce with field service tools to optimise technician scheduling, dispatch, and job tracking.

Sales Cloud
Service Cloud
Field Service Lighting
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Desynit's agility ensures the success of your financial services implementation

Being a smaller, lean company with the right expertise means that we maintain our agility and can deliver solutions at a pace. 

Being independent of Salesforce than our larger partners means we provide you with unbiased advice on products and services and our technical expertise and determination ensures we always deliver.

Daryll Cowan, Senior Product Manager, OVO Energy

“I highly recommend Desynit, Salesforce specialists who have been invaluable partners to OVO for a number of years; their exceptional talent, dedication, and proficiency in Salesforce solutions have played a pivotal role in the success of our platform overhaul in 2023, delivering genuine value to our business and our customers.”

Meet the Desynit
Energy & Utilities team

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