Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) is a comprehensive field service management solution that is part of the Salesforce Service Cloud platform. We can use to help your businesses manage your mobile workforce and optimise the delivery of services to your customers.

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Salesforce Field Service Lighting Benefits

Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL) manages and optimises your field service operations

FSL enhances your scheduling and dispatch processes – it can even do it automatically with AI. This ensures the best agent is assigned every time, leading to less travel time, enhanced productivity and higher first-time fix rates. It provides customers with timely updates and tracking capabilities, improving satisfaction and loyalty through transparent customer communication. 

Its high customisability and scalability cater to businesses of all sizes and industries, seamlessly integrating with other Salesforce products like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud for a unified customer data view.

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Salesforce Field Service Implementations

Partner with Desynit to deliver success with Field Service Lightning

Our FSL experts can architect, design, manage and deliver your implementation from inception to go-live.

We can plan and execute the project with our tried and tested “Vision to Roadmap” and best practice Agile methodology.

Or we can slot into your organisations preferred Project Management structure.

Ensuring we start out at a high level so that everyone involved has a shared understanding of what we’re trying to achieve, before we dive into the detail.

Then the team will consider different capabilities we could deliver ensuring they tie back to the Vision & Values we agree together.

We will diagram high level architectural artefacts that show how the capabilities could be built, and together we will construct the first roadmap of when they could be delivered.

We understand that many large organisations prefer to run projects with their own project management teams and methods.

We are a great fit for these types of project as at our core we are developers that like to solve problems.

You run the project, we’ll deliver the software.

If you’re looking for a lighter touch support package, learn about how we offer great value Field Service Lightning support packages to enterprises of all sizes.

Field Service Lighting Features

Desynit can help design and configure your Field Service Lightning Project

These are the main aspects of a Field Service Lighting (FSL) implementation.

Working closely with your team we will configure and demo each aspect, ensuring that everything is in place for you start using the platform and delivering value for your organisation.

Work Orders

Central to FSL, these represent the tasks that need to be performed. Work orders can be created from cases, maintenance plans, or manually, and they detail the job requirements, priority, and any special instructions.

Service Appointments

These are the scheduled visits or tasks assigned to field service technicians. They include information about the time, location, and specifics of the job.

Service Resources

These represent the field service agents or technicians. Each resource has a profile detailing their skills, availability, and location, which helps in assigning the right person to the right job.

Scheduling and Optimisation

FSL includes a powerful scheduling engine that uses rules and AI to assign the most suitable technician to a job based on factors like skills, availability, location, and priority. The optimization feature helps in minimizing travel time and maximizing productivity.

Dispatcher Console

This is a centralised interface for dispatchers to manage the field service operations. It provides real-time visibility into the status of service appointments, technician locations, and resource availability. Dispatchers can adjust schedules, reassign tasks, and handle emergencies from this console.

Mobile App

Field technicians use the mobile app to access their schedules, view work orders, get customer information, and update job statuses. The app also supports offline functionality, allowing technicians to continue working even without an internet connection.

Inventory Management

FSL helps manage the inventory of parts and tools that technicians carry. It tracks the usage, replenishment, and location of inventory items, ensuring that technicians have the necessary equipment to complete their tasks.

Reports and Dashboards

These provide insights into field service operations, such as technician performance, job completion rates, and customer satisfaction. Businesses can use these analytics to identify areas for improvement and optimize their field service processes.

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Over the years we have worked across industries and verticals, helping a wide variety of people get the most out the platform.

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