Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Implementations​

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Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Benefits

Salesforce CPQ is all about structuring your Products

Using CPQ we will work with you to configure your product bundles, discounts, approval processes and personalised quotes.

With these tools we will empower your Sales team to work accurately and fast, with automated pricing, rapid quote generation and approval processes ensuring adherence to Sales policies.

CPQ can handle complex configurations and pricing models and it’s integration with Salesforce CRM ensures seamless data flow and real-time insights through reports and dashboards to support data driven decision-making going forward.

We code in many languages, but speak yours

With Desynit it’s easy to get impartial advice and talk through your ideas with an expert whenever you need to.

Experienced Technical & Solution Architects

Desynit is a highly technical organisation, with some of the most experienced Salesforce experts in the country.

Industry Leading Salesforce experience

Desynit has been a Salesforce partner for over 14 years, delivering implementations, running user groups and sharing our knowledge at international conferences. 

Salesforce CPQ implementations

Partner with Desynit to deliver success using CPQ

Our certified CPQ experts can architect, design, manage and deliver your implementation from inception to go-live.

We can plan and execute the project with our tried and tested “Vision to Roadmap” and best practice Agile methodology.

Or we can slot into your organisations preferred Project Management structure.

Ensuring we start out at a high level so that everyone involved has a shared understanding of what we’re trying to achieve, before we dive into the detail.

Then the team will consider different capabilities we could deliver ensuring they tie back to the Vision & Values we agree together.

We will diagram high level architectural artefacts that show how the capabilities could be built, and together we will construct the first roadmap of when they could be delivered.

We understand that many large organisations prefer to run projects with their own project management teams and methods.

We are a great fit for these types of project as at our core we are developers that like to solve problems.

You run the project, we’ll deliver the software.

If you’re looking for a lighter touch support package, learn about how we offer great value support packages to enterprises of all sizes.

Salesforce CPQ Features

Configure, Price, Quote featureset

CPQ has a lot of functionality, working with Desynit we can ensure you follow a best-practice implementation to get the most out of the solution whilst keeping things as simple as possible.

Guided Selling

Helps sales reps through a step-by-step process to select the right products and options based on customer needs, simplifying complex sales and improving accuracy.

Automated Quote Generation

Automatically generates professional, accurate quotes and proposals with predefined templates, ensuring consistency and reducing the time required for quote preparation.

Advanced Pricing Management

Supports various pricing strategies, including tiered, volume-based, and subscription pricing, allowing for dynamic and flexible pricing tailored to different customer segments.

Product Configuration Rules

Enforces rules and constraints to ensure that only valid product combinations are configured, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring compliance with product policies.

Approval Workflow Automation

Automates approval processes for discounts and quotes, streamlining workflows and ensuring that all necessary approvals are obtained efficiently and in compliance with company policies.

Renewals and Subscriptions Management

Manages renewals and subscriptions by automating contract renewals and tracking subscription details, helping maintain recurring revenue and customer relationships.

Real-Time Analytics

Provides real-time analytics and reporting on quote-to-cash processes, offering insights into sales performance, pipeline trends, and areas for improvement to drive strategic decisions.

Mobile Accessibility

Enables sales reps to access CPQ features on mobile devices, allowing them to generate quotes, check prices, and configure products on the go, enhancing field sales efficiency.

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Exceptional Salesforce CPQ development since 2007

Desynit's agility ensures the success of your financial services implementation

Being a smaller, lean company with the right expertise means that we maintain our agility and can deliver solutions at a pace. 

Being independent of Salesforce than our larger partners means we provide you with unbiased advice on products and services and our technical expertise and determination ensures we always deliver.

Rob Hingston VP of Products, Sigma Systems

“Desynit enables us to genuinely partner. We immediately identified the value we could deliver for each others’ businesses, and augmented our teams to help us work together as effectively as possible.”

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Our Success Stories

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