3 reasons why it’s ok NOT to go to Dreamforce – Jenny’s Admin Tip #1

unnamedDreamforce is the hot topic of the month. Small, medium and large businesses alike are talking about it. Even searching for information on Dreamforce provides you with a plethora of blog posts surrounding the topic of ‘10 reasons why you SHOULD be going to Dreamforce.’ And while it is sure to be an amazing experience filled with thousands of opportunities for your company, you don’t have to attend the event to benefit from it yourself.

So as a non attendee this year, I say to all other non attendees, don’t sweat it if you can’t make it to Dreamforce. Instead of listening to the ‘here’s what you missed out on’ or ‘this session would have been perfect for you’ comments from your returning colleagues, you can take a seat, get the tea in, put Bruno Mars on and get the information you want without having to leave your chair.

Here’s how:

The live broadcast.

That’s right, live broadcasts! So instead of looking at a screen in the Keynote halls, you can view them live from a screen (albeit a little smaller than the ones they will have at Dreamforce) in your office or home. Streaming of Dreamforce normally takes place on the Dreamforce Website, but check out the Roadmap to Dreamforce 2014  website for further information. Attending or not, no one wants to miss out on the Fireside Chat with Marc Benioff and Tony Prophet, right?

Keynotes and sessions – on demand.

Pause, fastforward or rewind. Forget about the 8 hour time difference and the late nights trying to cram in all the live Admin and Keynote goodness. Instead you can rock up to the office, fresh as a daisy and watch sessions and keynotes on demand at your own liberty (depending on whether they have been posted). And with a total of 669 Admin Sessions, Keynotes and Product Keynotes combined, spread out over the 4 days I’m sure you will be spoilt for choice. Keep an eye out on the Dreamforce Youtube Channel for all uploaded sessions and keynotes or for a taster of what you could expect to be posted, check out the session list by clicking here.

Content and more.

One Cloudlife podcast to cover the whole experience..naah. Desynit’s Matt Morris, armed with his microphone shall be recording numerous podcasts, DAILY. So if you want to listen to the latest news, announcements and gossip each day then be sure to keep an eye out on the Desynit Website and Twitter page. I have a feeling you won’t want to miss an appearance from a certain ButtonClick Admin.

Yes. You and I may be missing out on a selfie with SaaSy or even Chatty, BUT apart from saving a whopping  £3k on a ticket (until next year), you can still gain an insight into the content that is being delivered.

Not going to Dreamforce either? Let me know how you are going to be making the most out of Dreamforce from the comfort of your own office chair.

If you are going to Dreamforce 2014, however, then that’s a different story.

I’ll be coming back to you again with another post in a couple of weeks. This one will be aimed at those Salesforce Admins who will be making the trip, and how they can make the most of their time in San Francisco.

In the meantime, if you are going to be a Brit abroad at the event, why not come along and meet the Desynit gang and other friendly faces at The Great British Breakfast? Free, informal, and a chance to catch up with the UK crowd- what’s not to like? Find out more and sign up here.

See you next week.


By Jenny Bamber
18 September 2014
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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