4 Signs You Need a Salesforce Consultancy

In many cases, Salesforce holds the key to your business’ potential. With custom builds and plug-ins to suit your business perfectly, it’s not surprising that it’s the UK’s leading CRM platform by some margin.

There is, however, one common problem with Salesforce which we’ve seen first-hand plenty of times, and that’s that the complexity of the platform often leaves companies wondering if they’re doing something wrong, and sometimes losing productivity as they get to grips with the CRM and their new way of working. You might also find that while you commit time to train yourself and your staff on how to use it, other areas of the business suffer in the transitional period – which defeats the point of onboarding yourself to Salesforce in the first place.

When this is happening at your business, it’s a fairly clear tell that it’s not quite working how it should for you, and it’d be worthwhile enlisting the help of an expert Salesforce consultancy. Some other signs that you’re in need of specialist help are:

You don’t know what you don’t know (or even how to find it)

In order to get the most out of Salesforce, you need to know what’s out there and what it can do for you. If there’s a specific problem or way your company does things that you’re struggling to leverage on Salesforce, it’s a safe bet that there’s an AppExchange add on, or even some fiddly programming to make the process work. The challenge is knowing what will add value, and when you’ve got other business functions to focus on, it’s hard to put the time in to find the ones that will.

Your reports are unclear

It’s difficult to justify a CRM if you cant get the learnings you need to make informed future business decisions. Whether it’ s measuring sales, or understanding the value and performance of your various marketing efforts – it really is crucial that you can not only access the data you need, but it to be presented in the way you need; saving you time and boosting your effectiveness.

You don’t know/can’t prove your ROI

With the additional costs of Salesforce to the business, it’s important that its implementation is delivering increased revenue to the business, covering the cost and then some. Expert help can guide you through understanding the total footprint of your Salesforce implementation and how to improve it.

Sales aren’t where you need them to be

At the end of the day, the ultimate goal for any business is revenue. If your sales and revenue are dwindling since implementation, it’s a surefire tell that something’s not quite right in your Salesforce strategy and that you could definitely use the help of some experts.

We’ve had plenty of companies come to us over the years to help them get back on their feet with our Salesforce Restart service, designed to do exactly that. All our other services are listed here too.

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By Mike Spencer
5 January 2021
The Good Systems Blog

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