A look back at Cloud Technologies – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #52

Basic RGBOver the past year I have produced 51 weekly tips designed to help you get the most out of Cloud based technologies. Topics have ranged from protecting your data with Spanning Backup, the latest updates and hacks from Google Apps to integrations solutions with Cirrus Insights and much more.

So lets take a look back each Cloud Solution and see why we at Desynit love them.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is the ultimate integration solution for connecting your Gmail with Salesforce. It is the missing link that will help you manage your workload more efficiently and on the go. Over the past year I have provided tips on how to sync your gmail calendar with your Salesforce calendar, how to add emails, contacts, leads, tasks to Salesforce in Gmail, how to download and use the Cirrus Insight mobile app and much more.

Backup Spanning

Afraid of the consequences of losing your business data online? Well Spanning has got your back on this occasion.  We at Desynit love this backup solution as Spanning Backup protects your business from data threats like hacking, user error, sync malfunctions, and more. My weekly tips covered how you can restore data that has been deleted, set daily backups, search for your Google Apps documents, emails and contacts and restore to specific dates and more.

Google Apps

As avid users of the Google Apps at Desynit we love the professional feel to email, the amazing online storage solutions with Drive, shared calendars, video meetings and much more!  With so much going on with Google Apps for business there is sure to be something for every business. And with monthly updates, there have always been something new to share.


Cloudfind helps businesses find, share and organise their information in a completely new way in Salesforce. This means you no longer have to search through numerous folders to find that file as your files are organised automatically. Who wouldn’t want  a fast, simple and effective way to combine cloud storage with the power of Salesforce?

If you want to find out more information contact Desynit’s Shaun Holmes or check out any of my weekly tips then click the link below.

Jenny’s Weekly Tips.

I hope the past 51 tips have given you enough to maximise the features available for each product. For now I thinks it’s time for a mini break, but keep your peepers out for something a little different in the near feature!

Enjoy the rest of your Summer and I shall see you in a few weeks.


By Jenny Bamber
21 August 2014
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