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Chris at Good Gym

This month at Desynit, it’s all about community

For a whistle stop community recap, we’ve been talking about…

So what better month to give a shout out to our own community superstar Chris Lewis. Every week, Chris takes part in a community which is quite unique…


Have you heard of it? Take a look at the website and the description is simple, but complete


Currently operating in London and Bristol (and set to expand to other UK cities) the GoodGym community members commit to doing good, while the organisers commit to supplying a trainer to help those people reach their fitness goals while taking part.

So that’s what Chris has been doing, every Tuesday evening and Saturday morning for the past 18 months. So far, with his team, he’s cleared brambles to make nature reserves more accessible; made new flowerbeds for a local primary school; collected rubbish from community park Brandon Hill; sorted resources at the kids recycling play centre ‘Scapstore’ and much more besides. Every run is a mission.

And as one of the few community members who has completed more than 50 runs outside of London, Chris has recently been awarded with a black GoodGym shirt for commitment to the cause.

These guys are surely the example to all of us on what we can achieve when we harness the power of the community for good. We are very proud of Chris for his achievement and wish GoodGym every success with their project. We’ll watch with interest to see how this develops, as our prediction is that this is going to be one community we are going to hearing a lot more about.


Chris at Good Gym
By Amy Grenham
24 March 2015
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