Are you ready to get engaged (to a Salesforce partner…)?


It’s Valentine’s day! Time of romance, love, excitement, and maybe even a proposal….

Just a moment though…before you get carried away and commit to a long term relationship, surely you need to ask yourself a few questions, and the first has to be, am I ready for this?

At Desynit we are a bunch of hopeless romantics at heart. It’s true. We see each and every customer as an opportunity for a long term mutually beneficial relationship.. That’s why we think it’s vitally important to get the timing right. So here it is..

9 things you need to know before you get engaged (to a Salesforce partner)

RING-1Do you share a vision of the future?

Have you actually talked about what you want in the future? Does your partner understand your goals and ambitions? If not, it’s time to get talking. If you don’t know where you are heading, then you’re not going to get there. Get your team aligned on project objectives, before you even think about going any further.

RING-2Have you worked out who’s going to do what?

Are you clear on who covers which tasks? The day-to-day stuff can be mundane (keeping your data clean anyone?) but it needs to happen. Be clear on who has responsibility for what elements of the project delivery, and everyone will feel a lot happier.

RING-3What is the full financial picture?

If the idea of full financial disclosure makes you break out into a sweat, then this one is going to hurt. Money is tough to talk about, but talk about it you must. If your spending habits and expectations are not in line with your partner’s, there’s going to be serious trouble down the road. Marriage can be expensive, but divorce is disastrous. Have the conversation now, and make the financial terms of the engagement crystal clear to all parties (a kind of business pre-nup).

RING-4What are your timelines?

You want the same things out of the relationship? Great! But do you know if you want them at the same time? Better have that chat now. If you were expecting to see a fully finished implementation by the end of the month, and your partner’s planning a 6 month roll-out plan, there’s going to be heartbreak.

RING-5How are you going to deal with stress together?

Tough one this. It’s all going well, you are returning each other’s calls, going out of your way to be helpful and can this go wrong? Suddenly, something unexpected occurs, you lose your way, the market changes…what happens now? Have you given this any thought? On a tricky complex project, its quite likely that you will need to work through occasional stressful situations. That’s life. But how you cope with it together is going to be the true test. Pick a robust partner who can keep their calm in a crisis.

RING-6Can you communicate with each other? Effectively?

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, you might wonder just what planet IT are on. Well actually, we don’t believe in any of that sexist poppycock. People are people, and they all talk them same language. If your Salesforce partner is communicating with you, but you can’t understand a word they are saying, then something is wrong. Keep talking, keep listening, and don’t be afraid to say if something doesn’t make sense.

RING-7Will you still be supportive in the future?

The heady early days of a new implementation. Sigh. Everything is new, and the possibilities are endless. Now, fast forward 6 months. Still looking rosy? Where’s your partner when you need them to re-set a password, deliver training, enhance the functionality as your business needs change? Find someone who will still hold your hand, even when you’re getting on a bit.

RING-8Do you understand that all relationships are a work in progress?

It may not be the classic love story, but we have to say it…relationships take work. And what’s more, they change over time. A good Salesforce partner will develop with the platform, and with your business. Be prepared to change the way in which you see one another, and your capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, and make allowances.

RING-9Finally, is the chemistry right?

Well, you can call its chemistry, but this one’s more of an art than a science. You’ve met your partner, they’ve answered the brief, they can deliver your requirements within budget, due diligence done, references followed up. Now, are you going to accept their proposal? One last question, does it feel right? Do you like these people, do you TRUST them? Only you can call this one.

So that’s it. Think carefully before you commit, and make sure you are fully prepared. Getting engaged is a happy day indeed, just make sure you go in with your eyes wide open.

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By Amy Grenham
11 February 2015
SalesforceThe Good Systems Blog

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