Cloudfind: Automatic Tagging of Google Drive Files – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #34

We are all familiar with searching for files. It can be counterintuitive as keywords can be lengthy and complex folder hierarchies make locating the file time consuming. So wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to see and interact with files in Google Drive within a Salesforce page e.g. account, while also showing the appropriate sub-folder hierarchy? With Cloudfind this is possible.

What is CloudFind

In simple terms, Cloudfind is a revolution for Salesforce users as it helps them find, share and organise their information in the cloud in a new way using Tags. Tags have become the platform for information management, and with automatic tagging of any file types (documents, presentations, pictures etc), Salesforce users are presented with the relevant, related files from Google Drive.

While cloud storage solutions are great for offering ease-of-access to your files, locating the information you require in one place if often not the case with shared folders. Cloudfind gives Salesforce users the quickest, simplest route to information that is relevant right now.

There are 5 main areas to the Cloudfind area, Tabs, Search, Files, Tags and Control.

Here is a sneak peak at what you can expect to find with the Cloudfind app:


Files make up the main part of the Cloudfind window in Salesforce and shows files that match the tags in the tag filter. All files will be ordered by modification date and the files that are relevant (i.e. matching tags), given the user’s current context in Salesforce, will be visible.

You can easily open the file by clicking its name and edit the tags giving your organisation a powerful and flexible way to ensure staff find the right information efficiently.

Search Bar

The search bar enables the user to refine the information they are already presented with. This can be done by simply typing the name of the tag and clicking the resulting tag. And as the search is additive, you can also narrow the search result by adding multiple tags.


If you frequently reference sets of information, e.g. files for opportunities that your team are working on, Tabs provide an easy way to access these sets.

If you click on a tab it will bring up all the files whose tag matches that tabs definition.

Here are two default tabs:

• Account tab: This will show files related to the specific account you’re accessing.

• Opportunity tab: This will show files related to the specific opportunity you’re accessing.

This makes Cloudfind a great central place to explore all the files that might be relevant to this account or opportunity.

If you would like more information on how Cloudfind can help your business contact Desynit’s Shaun Holmes.

Cloudfind has recently released their app: Cloudfind -Automatic Tagging of Google Drive Files to the app exchange.So if you want a whole new way of finding, organising and sharing you files, install the app today!

Cloudfind – Automatic Tagging of Google Drive Files

See you next week.

By Jenny Bamber
17 April 2014
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