Conker the Winter 16 Release this Autumn – Jenny’s Admin Tip #41

photo-1441205400075-68a01d4c5108So it’s that time of year where things start to change and I’m not just talking about the colour of the leaves. Yes, the Winter 16 release as you may be aware, is fast approaching and pretty soon your users will be waking up to find that some extra Salesforce features have fallen into their orgs.

To some this may be exciting, however some users don’t accept change well, especially unannounced change. Instead of surprising your users with these wonderful treats why not make sure these new features are welcomed ahead of time and ensure optimal adoption with these handy tips.

So grab a pumpkin spiced latte and let’s see how you can conker Winter 16 release User Adoption this month.

Try not to Leaf it to the last moment.

That’s right, it’s all about the timing when it comes to release announcements for your users. Nobody wants to be confused when they see that the login page has changed, the UI has been updated, muted feed posts, there is Salesforce1 SOS and much more!  The answer is a no brainer – send some exciting emails in the lead up to the release. Or if you have left it too late, no worries. You can hold a presentation on the morning of the releases to go through some of the key features with your users. The aim is to prepare, excite and teach your users of the delights of the biggest Salesforce release so far!

Conker the Lightning Preview.

We all know that Lightning is a biggy this release. So before it makes some rather flashy changes to your org, why not enlighten your users to the wonderful world of Lightning via Trailhead, online videos (this is a great introduction by Brian Kwong), attend user groups or your admin could even do a Parker Harris and dress up! Despite getting a few odd looks from your colleagues, at least they will get a preview of what may be coming their way in near future.

There is owl-ways other options.

With the winter 16 release comes the newly updated Help and Training which has added walkthroughs and Trailhead modules, and added and updated instructional videos. So if you feel like this release caught you and your users by surprise, then why not point them in the direction of the Help and Training section. You will be up-to-date in no time!

Enjoy the release and your pumpkin spiced latte 🙂

See you next week.


By Jenny Bamber
15 October 2015
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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