Customer experience and the emergence of social as a service channel

Customer ExperienceLearning from the IPC Media Consumer Journey: The Customer Experience and the Emergence of Social as a Service Channel

1) Learn how service effects the larger brand, how every department has a responsibility to the customer and how leading organisations are embracing social as a service channel.

2) From zero to advocacy: the IPC Media Consumer Journey

This was a presentation by Nanik Mirpuri, MD of Bluewolf UK and Simon Denny, Affiliate Director, IPC Media.

If you would like to hear more about this presentation and some more information to go alongside these slides, then please do listen to the Cloudlife Podcast #7, during which Shaun and Matt discuss the case study a little more and what it means for businesses working on the Salesforce platform.
By Amy Grenham
3 April 2014
ForcewestThe Good Systems Blog

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