Dreamforce 2017 Daily: Monday

Dreamforce 2017 Daily

Dreamforce 2017 has started..

Giant redwoods, campfires, lodges and trails have moved into downtown San Francisco this week.

That’s right, it’s time for Dreamforce 2017. Each year, the annual, global Salesforce mega-conference gets bigger and slightly crazier. This year, Trailhead has firmly called the ‘Trailblazer’ theme and during the course of the week A-list speakers such as Michelle Obama and Ashton Kutcher will find themselves sharing a stage with Astro and his woodland friends.

Always be prepared

Sadly though, not everyone gets to go to Dreamforce and find out firsthand what’s about to happen next in technology. That’s why we are sending you a daily update. Not only do we have Edith, Julio and Gary on the (camp)ground, we are also poised, ready to take in the important keynotes and tell you what you really need to know in order to be ready in your organisation for what’s coming next.

The week to come

Today, we are sending you our conference predictions, as seen by Simon Lawrence, Salesforce Developer and MVP. He has some good advice on where to focus your attention over the next week. We also have an infographic with a few DF17 facts and figures, and who to follow on Twitter.

Over the course of the week you’ll see a summary of the keynotes to keep an eye on. And we have Gary prowling the Expo, trialling app and reporting back on his ‘App of the Day’. The Devs will be taking to Twitter during the Developer Keynote on to live tweet their thoughts on the show (Tues 9-11pm @Desynit).

Dreamforce 2017. It’s happening. Let’s go!

Predictions for Dreamforce 2017

Simon Lawrence, Salesforce Developer and MVP

You might think that as a Salesforce MVP I would be really cut up about not being able to attend the conference this year; but to be honest much of the content is available directly live on-line. OK, Alicia Keyes won’t be playing, but I can still watch a lot of Dreamforce from my desk. It is a place of major announcements and major movement on the platform; and it’s crucial to keep on top of that kind of information if you want to be a serious Salesforce developer.

I think the most interesting thing about this Dreamforce is the sudden proliferation of “Keynotes”. It seems we have gone from having a Conference Keynote, Community Keynote and Developer Keynote 5 or 6 years ago, to having 45 Keynote presentations in 2017, covering everything from the major Cloud offerings (such as Marketing, Service, Sales) to other core products and acquisitions (a Quip Keynote, the Trailhead Keynote etc.)

I think this is a really good idea to help Salesforce single out the Enterprise owned sessions on these major assets from the community and “speaker” owned sessions; and would be my go-to place to get the cutting edge info on those specific tools.

I think the fact that even the main conference keynote has “Trailblazer” in the title shows that this platform is going to be getting a lot of hype at Dreamforce 2017. I’m not sure what they can announce about the online training and badge-earning tool, but that is where I would be pointing my binoculars this year.

TOP TIP: Register now for Salesforce Live on this link and enjoy the show

DF17 Game on

Salesforce Tower in SF
By Amy Grenham
6 November 2017
SalesforceThe Good Systems Blog

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