Dreamforce 2017 Daily: Tuesday

Dreamforce 2017 Daily update Tuesday

The Dreamforce 2017 Keynote

“Technology has never been good or bad, it’s what we do with technology that matters.”

These were Benioff’s final words at the end of the keynote last night at Dreamforce 2017. Indeed, he was in a somewhat reflective mood from the beginning, questioning whether the world was becoming more or less connected as a result of technology. The words ‘Election result’ were used, with a neat segue into how delighted he was to have Michelle Obama at the conference. Message received and understood..

Summarising the 2.5 hour innovation showcase that is the Dreamforce keynote is a somewhat tricky challenge, but let’s give it a go…  The key message was that we are in the 4th Industrial Revolution, and this is the era of Artificial Intelligence. In response, Salesforce has built a ‘smarter, more personalized next generation platform’ and it looks like this:-

A next generation Salesforce platform

With more opportunities to personalize, customers can take the Salesforce infrastructure, including training tool Trailhead, and create something which appears to be entirely their own (myTrailhead). App building got easier, with customers having the opportunity to declaratively build their own branded apps and launch them to their employees, quickly and across all devices, including mobile. Use myLightning to create your own UI inside your Salesforce instance.

“Now we can all be a data scientist.”

In terms of smarter, now we ‘can all be a data scientist’ with myEinstein and myIOT embedded in the core platform. Now more intuitive to use and getting ‘smarter with every interaction’, every organisation has the tools to create customer experiences on the next level.

A new strategic partnership between Google and Salesforce will feed this smarter more personalized platform. With Google analytics data set to be integrated directly into the SFDC platform, the future of data management is about to change. This is definitely an area to keep a close eye on.

Finally Quip, the team working and document collaboration platform bought by Salesforce last September, is set to make a huge impact over the coming year. This acquisition represents a game changer in the team working space, and addresses a real answer to this gap in the current platform offering.

And that’s hardly scratching the surface. What to know more –  and there is SO MUCH MORE – TrailMixer, Einstein Bots, Lightning Bolts..the list goes on? Here are a couple of useful links

Desynit’s Julio and Edith: One presentation down and three to go!

Julio and Edith at DF17Well done to our Spanish speaking colleagues, Edith and Julio, delivering the first of their four sessions (well two sessions, two different languages!) Yesterday they talked about ‘The 10 Apex Commandments’. They were also debuting Desynit’s new t-shirt design, admittedly a little hard to see in this picture…



Dreamforce 2017 Daily
By Amy Grenham
7 November 2017
SalesforceThe Good Systems Blog

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