Dreamforce 2014 so far – Jenny’s Admin Tip #5


Hula Dancing, The Beach Boys, Parker Harris in fancy dress, Admin zone, Podcasts, Hillary Clinton, Will.i.am, Dev zone, Bruno Mars, Wave, Lightning and *BREATH*! With so much going on this week, let‘s just take a step back and really appreciate some of the amazing highlights from Dreamforce so far.

Keynotes and Talks.

Now we have all come to expect something surprising from the keynotes and talks. And apart from Benioff’s shoes, drones, new product announcements, and some sort of entertainment,  I don’t think anyone was expecting the legends that are The Beach Boys! And if that wasn’t enough, day two also so the likes of Hillary Clinton, which she talked about the amazing “Talk, Read, Sing” program at the Benioff Children’s Hospital, Will.i.am who unveiled a wearable device that can make calls, emails, text and stream music and, of course, the Bruno Mars concert. Oh and how could we forget about Benioff and Tony Prophet discussing cloud and mobile trends in the Fireside chat on day 1.

I think the only thing that was missing was Benioff in a Hawaiian Shirt?

#AwesomeAdmin Zone.

When people weren’t soaking up the information in the Keynotes and talks, Admins and Devs alike have been flocking to the new Admin Zone. Success stories, networking, ‘Ask the Experts’, career tips and tricks, this zone has it all for Awesome Admins, Super Devs and more! And if that hasn’t been enough, you have had the opportunity to hear the latest news and gossip LIVE from the Admin Zone, by Desynit’s very own Matt Morris and guests on the Cloudlife Podcast.  So if you want MVP’s reactions to new product announcements or gossip on the days events then look out for the podcasts on Twitter, the Desynit blog or catch them podcasting live from the Admin zone today!

New Products.

With Dreamforce comes the launch of a ton of amazing products, and this year was no excuse. At the forefront of product announcements was Wave – the first analytics platform which makes it easier for anyone to explore data, uncover new insights and action instantly from any device. Then there was Lightning – the next generation of the Salesforce1 platform that allows users to build apps with drag-and-drop Lightning Components and design apps specific to any screen – phone, laptop, tablet, wearable – all in lightning speed. Is there anything that Salesforce can’t do?

Let me know what has been your highlight so far by leaving a comment or tweeting @jenny_bamber.

See you next week.


Thanks Chris Lewis and Julio Fernandez for the awesome picture.

By Jenny Bamber
16 October 2014
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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