Easter: time to spring into the Salesforce events calendar!


Daffodils. Chocolate eggs. Billowing clouds of blossom. Country walks through sun dappled woods…

And on your return to work after the bank holiday, a chance to fill your calendar up with some really fun stuff coming up, event-wise.

While there are a profusion of fantastic Salesforce events to choose from all year round, catering for every professional interest, some of the Desynit favourites are the ones that occur during the British Summer Time months. So, join us as we frolic like gambolling lambs through the daisy-starred green fields of the Salesforce Summer events calendar.

26 April 6-9pm – Salesforce User Group, Bristol

The ‘Official’ Salesforce User Group for Bristol and the South West is back, and under new management. Desynit handed this event over in January 2017 to a new team: Adam Pearless, Laura Burnett and Ben Coleman. Format, guest list, content….It’s all a mystery and we are as excited as you are to find out at the ‘big reveal’ on Wednesday 26 April. Registration is not yet open, but make sure you save the date and get yourself along to the inaugural launch of the new group (currently rumoured to be at the Royal Naval Volunteer, Bristol). You can register to join the group now and be the first to know when the registration goes live.

18 May – Salesforce World Tour, London

Forget everything you know about business expos, The Salesforce World Tour London is completely different. From the moment the keynote kicks off with its customary swooping aerial footage of the Thames, accompanied by the frankly epic Salesforce music, you are in for a ride. It’s an over-the-top, grandiose business technology blockbuster of a show, and although the presentations clearly contain sections of, let’s say, ‘dramatic licence’, you will feel genuinely inspired by the stories in the showcase.

The keynote is just the start though: stick around for the afternoon as there will be a packed agenda of presentations to choose from. Whatever your relationship with the Salesforce.com platform (developer, administrator, user, customer, marketer, sales coach, plain curious..) there will something of interest. And of course there is also the bustling digital marketplace (also known as the Expo) which no one leaves without at least one business card, one logo t-shirt and a framed picture of themselves and colleagues in a kayak with a bear.

If that’s not enough, then as a final point to note, it’s free and the catering is really pretty good. Desynit will be there so get in touch over a coffee, glass of wine or a beer – as catching up with people is really what the World Tour is all about.

1 June – DreamOle, Madrid

New kid on the block, DreamOlé is the first event to be run in Spain, for the community by the community. If you’ve been to an event such as London’s Calling, or French Touch Dreamin’ (hey, I don’t choose the names) then you’ll be familiar with the format.

This day-long event will be held in Madrid, with Salesforce Community high priestess Erica Kuhl already confirmed as a keynote speaker. Other than the fact that it modestly promises to be ‘sunnier than London’s Calling’, full details on this one are still to come, but you can be sure that it will be a day of learning and networking in a fantastic environment.

Our man in Spain, Julio, is one of the event organisers and he will be joined by his Desynit team mates, Simon, Edith and Jenny at the conference. Be sure to come and see us at the Desynit stand and say hola.

28-29 June – Trailhead DX, San Francisco

If you are not aware of Trailhead then we’ve got to say it, where have you been? This revolutionary training tool has made the Salesforce platform accessible to all with it’s cleverly devised technology trails to guide you through the digital wilderness. This event is slightly more focussed though as it is aimed squarely at Salesforce developers.

According to the official website blurb this ‘must-attend developer conference of the year’ offers its delegates the opportunity to travel a path of discovery, adventure and fun.

Desynit’s Dorian and Simon are going to be there, toasting their marshmallows in the glowing fire of the Salesforce developer community. We think it’s going to be awesome. You can tweet them and they’ll buy you a beer (tell them I said so).

22-23 September – Surfforce 2017, Bundoran, Ireland

What happens when you host a Salesforce event in the sea? Surfforce! Barmy brain-child of Shaun Holmes (formerly Sales manager at Desynit), he is running his second Surfforce event over in Bundoran, Ireland this September. There will be presentations, there will be inspirational speakers from the Salesforce world and there will be SURFING. In the actual sea.

More details to follow but this promises to be an excellent event for meeting people from the Salesforce world, making quality contacts and doing some business in a fun and relaxed environment.

6-9 November – Dreamforce, San Francisco

The mother of all business conferences, this is Dreamforce. Take everything we said about the London World Tour and multiply by 100. The San Francisco based Dreamforce is HUGE and overwhelming, completely bonkers and awesome. Part festival, part conference, part Hollywood blockbuster, this is a seriously incredible event. They had U2 play the gala last year – does that give you a hint as to the scale of this show?

Even if you had nothing to do with Salesforce you could still have a good week here, I guarantee it. But for those organisations doing business on the platform, and serious about the future of technology, then really this is the only show on Earth. Dreamforce is really a snapshot of the state of digital today and it is breathtaking.

Gary, Edith and Julio will be there. If you are considering going over the pond solo, then get in touch and buddy-up with the Desynit gang (and even if you are not going solo, get in touch anyway)

Which ones are you going to attend? The community that surrounds the Salesforce is a rich resource of knowledge and support, and events like the ones listed above are an excellent way to connect with others and develop your knowledge of the platform.

What are you waiting for, get involved!

Have a great break this Easter, and look forward to seeing you over the next few months.


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By Amy Grenham
11 April 2017
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