Forcewest: A change of direction for 2017

Welcome to 2017! We’d like to designate this the ‘Year of Change’.

Actually that’s a little bit misleading as every year is a year of change, or at least it certainly should be. As a Salesforce consultancy, we pretty firm advocates of the view that everything always needs to move on.

We are not just talking about the technology we work on, sometimes you need to change the direction of sail entirely. So here’s the first change from us in 2017: We are not going to run the Bristol Salesforce User Group anymore.

It was 5 years ago that Gary came back from Dreamforce with a vision: to recreate the sense of community that he’s experienced at the conference, back here in the South West. 20 Salesforce User Groups later and Salesforce has finally put a name to the very thing that Gary wanted to create – Ohana*. So why are we jumping overboard now?

We’re not, that’s the point. We want someone else to come along, take the helm and create their own version of Ohana. It’s time for a change and we know that fresh leadership means fresh ideas, a new format and renewed sense of excitement. Because that’s what Salesforce is all about.

Do you think that could be you? If you want to have a chat about the pros and cons of running a User Group drop me a line on [email protected] or alternatively you can contact the UG team at Salesforce directly (get in touch with Deirdre at [email protected]). As soon as you get it up and running, Desynit will be the first to sign up as guests! Plain sailing.

In the meantime we will still be running events for people who want to know more about digital transformation. At the end of every month, Desynit will be hosting a breakfast meeting for a small group on Bristol’s Glassboat. We’ll be inviting some speakers along and then there will be time to ask questions and speak to the other guests. The main focus will be on the Salesforce platform, but we are looking forward to covering a broader range of business technology topics too. If you think that sounds interesting and you’d like to come along pop your email address into the form on this page and we’ll make sure that we won’t set sail without you. Our first event will be on Wednesday, 1st February 2017.

*The term Ohana comes from Hawaiian culture and means family in the extended sense. Family members are bound together in cooperation. No one gets left behind or is forgotten.


Sailing Ship
By Amy Grenham
4 January 2017
ForcewestThe Good Systems Blog

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