From data encryption to action icons. Yup, the Salesforce Winter 15 Release is here – Jenny’s Admin Tip #2

Jenny-5It only seems like yesterday that we had the Salesforce Summer 14 release rolled out, right? Well guess what, it’s time for another one. Though you might have only just got to grips with this summer’s latest updates, it’s time to get stuck into the Salesforce Winter 15 release.

With the release set to take place in October for the UK, admins by now should have started to prepare themselves and their org for the updates that lie ahead. However, if you feel reluctant to jump head first into the release notes, I have provided a few updates examples below to get you pumped and ready for the exciting new updates.

Data updates

Duplicate Alerts and Blocking – What do we like? Data. How do we admins like it? Clean! Then say no more. Currently in Beta stage, this little beauty of an update is going to have Salesforce admins everywhere bowing to it’s data defencing magnificence. Duplicate alerts and blocking, will help maintain clean and accurate data with Duplicate Managament. Now you have the control over duplicate data creation and after Duplicate Management has been set up and a record is created/saved the duplicate management tools go to work straight away! Adios bad data!

What more information on how the duplicate management works? Click here!

Data encryption – The next best thing to clean data is possibly secure data? With this cheeky update you will be able to encrypt valuable information in standard or custom fields as well as files, docs, and attachments in seconds.

For a whole lot more on General Enhancements then click here.

Ok so I started off with a biggy there. However,  if that wasn’t enough to tickle those Winter 15 tastebuds, then maybe these will?

Salesforce A

System Status – As a Salesforce Admin it’s ideal to keep up to date with system performance and alerts, in real-time, from the Salesforce System Status site. Thanks to this little update, you know longer have to manually input the address into a browser as you can now access the system status site straight from SalesforceA. Very handy for when you are on the go and Salesforce has been reported as being down by a customer.

Multiple Organisations – Forget logging in and out to access multiple accounts in different organisations. This latest updates enables admins to easily access and add multiple accounts without logging out. Phew! Now this is going to save a few password lookups.

Action Icons – SalesforceA says goodbye to Task buttons and hello to Action icons. These compact, intuitive images icons are displayed from the Action bar at the bottom of the page and really give a feel of a brand new app. These icons are going to save you time when it comes to changing passwords, deactivating users etc. And it would appear that these new action icons are all part of a bigger UI facelift across the Salesforce 1 platform.

More information on the SalesforceA updates can be found by clicking here.

The Winter 15 release is packed full of amazing new desktop and mobile features for the Salesforce 1 platform, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud and much more; way too much for me to cover in one post.

For those who are still yet to swat up on the Winter 15 release features, these will certainly have you reaching for the release notes and Salesforce Winter 15 videos.

Got a favourite update from the Winter 15 release? Then let us know by leaving a comment below or send a tweet to @jenny_bamber.

See you next week


By Jenny Bamber
25 September 2014
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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