Gmail and Drive on the go – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #50


More than ever we are on-the-go in our working and personal lives. As a result, mobile app technologies have kept up the demand of our on-the-move lifestyle and are constantly coming up with new apps that make tasks less office restricted.

As a Google Apps user, the latest update to the Gmail iOS app (and earlier updates to the Gmail Android app) has made responses to those important notifications, which would normally be actioned in the office e.g. your boss wanting the latest proposal document for the new client,  a whole lot easier.

The main update focuses on Drive, so if you are a user and you want the power of Drive in your Gmail App, then this update is for you.

So here is what you can expect from the Gmail app update.

1. If you do not have the Gmail app then it is readily available to download from the App store or the Google Play store.

2. You can now insert files from Google Drive directly into an email on your phone or tablet.

       a. Click the attachment icon, followed by ‘Insert from Drive’ and select the file from drive you wish to attach.

3. You can also save attachments that someone sends you directly to Drive with one tap.

   a. Simply click the Drive icon on the attachment to save to your Drive.

4. On iOS, you can also change your profile picture right from your Settings.

5. You can also have multiple Gmail accounts where you can choose which signed-in accounts you want visible in the app.

With just a few clicks you can personalise, save and attach files,  and respond to emails from any device on the go.

If you would like further information on Google Apps why not check out my Weekly Blog or if you want to talk to someone pop Desynit’s Shaun Holmes a call.

I’ll see you next week.


By Jenny Bamber
8 August 2014
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