Happy 1st Birthday Jenny’s Tips!


Happy 1st Birthday to my blog!

What a year it’s been. Jam packed full of delicious handy little tips designed to help you get the most of some of the wonderful cloud technologies out there. And hopefully you have learned a thing or two? However, like most good things, it must come to an end. *Sigh*. But not to worry!

As the weekly tips blog celebrates it’s first birthday, we have decided to make a few changes to mark the occasion.

So with year two, we will begin a brand spanking new blog series aimed at you – Salesforce Administrators.

Whereas I previously covered a wide variety of cloud apps like Cirrus Insights, Backup Spanning, Google Apps, my newly launched series will just focus on information for Salesforce Administrators.

A new Admin tip every Thursday

I’ll be releasing a blog post every Thursday which will be designed to provide a personal insight and handy tips on issues that we as Admins come face to face with on a daily basis when using Salesforce.

A monthly theme

There will be four Admin tips written around a particular theme for that month. Not only will I give you four handy tips each month, but there will also be a podcast aimed to bring you the lowdown on the latest news, stories and updates and maybe even some guest appearances from fellow administrators. Wait, there is more…..

Not just a blog and a podcast, but a meet up too!

Matt Morris Director and Salesforce Consultant here at Desynit and I shall also be holding a Admin meet up in London which provides a chance to meet up with other Salesforce administrators, talk best practice tips, swap career notes, and share inspiring stories. Sign up for our first event here, on the 2 October.

So why the change?

The simple answer is I am a Salesforce Administrator, it just makes sense!

Keep an eye out for my first blog due on 18th September and check out our events listing to find out when the next meet up is taking place.

See you soon.


By Jenny Bamber
11 September 2014
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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