How to be a Cloud Hero – the dos and don’ts

Cloud Superhero
What exactly is a ‘Cloud Hero’?

Here at Desynit, we love a metaphor as much as the next B2B company….but really, what’s with the capes?

This is the thing: Cloud platforms such as, can give every business what can only be described as superpowers. Whether you want to be the master of customer service, mobility, business intelligence, marketing automation, logistics, or all of this and more, your systems should be your launch pad.

Read our short guide to becoming the master of cloud technology and the hero of your business, in the form of some Dos and Don’ts.

Cloud Heroes don’t….

Stick with systems that are holding them back

What’s your productivity like? 100%? How about customer service? If there are improvements to be made, then you are missing out on potential profit. Don’t let the lack of technology hold you back. It’s time to look at what the cloud can offer you, your team and your customers in an increasingly competitive market.

Think that Salesforce will do everything they need straight out of the box

Salesforce is a complex enterprise-grade product and that’s why it’s a great choice for your business. However, you will simply not get your value for money back on those licence fees, if you don’t spend time on the implementation, and tailor it properly to your own business needs.

 Confuse consultancy with code

A great Salesforce implementation starts with an understanding of what you need as a business. Once you have that documented and agreed, then, and only then, should the technical stuff start. Beware the trigger happy lone Apex developer. (S)he is not your friend.

Cloud Heroes do….

Pick a great Cloud IT partner

Concentrating on building a great business is hard enough. When it comes to implementing and supporting the systems you need to grow, it makes sense to partner with a trusted and expert team. Pick a partner that speaks the same language you do. Bringing in outside expertise doesn’t mean you can’t share the same values.

Understand that the future of business is being built with Cloud based Apps

The old model of IT is dead. Forget clunky proprietary systems.  Smart, agile businesses are now taking the best of breed Apps on the market and plugging them in where they need them.

Get that good systems change your life

Finally, a true Cloud Hero is someone who fully understands the power of technology and uses it to supercharge their business. That’s pretty (super) powerful, metaphorically speaking or otherwise.

By Amy Grenham
31 March 2014
SalesforceThe Good Systems Blog

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