Implementing Salesforce to meet your business needs

Salesforce Implementation for business measurement

Prolific author and business guru Peter Drucker coined the phrase “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

Never has this been more true than in the current technological revolution, when Big Data, greater connectivity and automation are transforming the economic landscape. It is an era when the holy grail of business is customer interaction that is both measurable and controllable.

With so many new opportunities to engage with customers – at an ever-deeper level of segmentation – it is possible to have too much data and too little control.

For many companies, the answer is implementation.

CRM that’s bespoke to your company vision

One of the primary objectives for any company is to set up systems that can measure customer data in a focused and meaningful way. Therefore, finding a CRM system agile and intuitive enough to provide bespoke solutions is crucial.

Commissioning the services of a consultancy can hit that particular nail squarely on the head.

In the right hands, Salesforce configuration and development means fitting it “snugly” around your particular business operating systems, marketing activities, and primary goals.

Having control in a dynamic economy

Configuring Salesforce in a bespoke way also provides a high degree of data control.

It enables your company to merge together data from a wide variety of sources and automates many vital communications processes – such as triggered emails. However, it also streamlines essential business functions, such as linking your supply chain to your demand forecasts.

Configured and developed correctly, Salesforce response mapping will reduce wasted time and resources in pursuing overly risky new strategies and product offerings.

With such control and clarity comes higher productivity, swifter decision making and greater confidence.

How customers benefit from Salesforce

Using consultancy to configure and develop your intuitive CRM solution could well improve customer satisfaction, as well as internal processes and effectiveness.

A great, well executed Salesforce implementation can equip companies with the level of data control that makes it possible to isolate in depth customer profiles and patterns, for more individualised interaction.

Salesforce integration with your website platform can also make it simple and streamlined to issue regular surveys and client satisfaction surveys. Apart from creating even more data to use to formulate business strategy, the very action of asking for feedback can make customers feel valued and listened to.

To discuss how our configuration services can provide your business with a CRM system designed for success – and formulated around measurable steps to greater profitability, contact Desynit.

Salesforce For business measuremnt
By Amy Grenham
18 October 2017
SalesforceThe Good Systems Blog

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