Is Dreamforce the event of the year? – Jenny’s Admin Tips #34

Dreamforce Mini Blog 2 - Is Dreamforce the best event of the year-  (1)

”Is there any other event?” – Mike Gerholdt.


Ok Admins, we are now down to 54 days to go before the epic Dreamforce event kicks off. Getting excited yet? If not let me help!

We all know that Dreamforce is huge, not just in size, but also in the amount of content that is shared, money that is raised and people that attend – last year alone saw 135.000 registered attendees. We also know from my previous blog post, thanks to the likes of Jennifer Wobser and Amber Boaz, why they (and others) attend Dreamforce, aka ‘The Salesforce event of the year.’ Which brings me to this weeks blog. Is Dreamforce really the best event of the year?

With the help of your Salesforce peers, experts and leaders lets see why Dreamforce really is the best Salesforce event of the year.

It’s SO cool! – Getting Involved

There is almost an opportunity for everyone – Admin, Dev and more, to get involved somehow at Dreamforce. Simon Lawrence, MVP @desynit – believes that Dreamforce is the best event of the year because “it’s everything! …It’s not just an amazing Cloud/Software conference, it’s also an opportunity to get involved by presenting, volunteering,  a great Gala party, a ‘tour’ of San Francisco, an opportunity to do some charity work, a bunch of evening parties and even a chance to win a load of cool stuff by flexing your expertise.” I say bring on the Foo Fighters!

 If you have missed your opportunity to present at this years event, then there are still lots of volunteering opportunities for you to dig your Salesforce teeth into. If you want to volunteer in The Admin Zone click here!

It’s Bloomin’ marvellous! – Feeling inspired

With over 1,500 sessions, 135,000 registered attendees (last year), the world’s largest cloud ecosystem – the cloud expo, 188 hours of Salesforce training, 80 HOT (hands on training) sessions, The DREAMBOAT and so much more, it would be difficult not to feel inspired in someway at Dreamforce. Isn’t that right, Cheryl Feldman – MVP and Salesforce Consultant @GSDCompany? “Teach, learn, meet, Yes!  Each year, I leave completely inspired and a mental list of all of the things I’m going to make salesforce do that I hadn’t thought of before.  I also leave with a full heart of happiness when I get to see old friends and make new ones.”

It’s one big celebration! – #AwesomeAdmin day

What other event can you attend that not only recognises the work that Admins do by having an entire Admin Zone dedicated to Admin on Admin interaction, training and demos, but also dedicates an ENTIRE DAY to celebrating just how awesome Admins actually are. Which brings me to the reason why I (not having attended before) believe that Dreamforce could be the best Salesforce event of the year – The Awesome Admin day, Thursday 17th September. According to Kris Lande – Product Marketing @Salesforce,  the day will consist of Salesforce treats, a contests to meet and greet dreamforce VIPs, signage from your favourite admins and there might be a little surprise on the Dreampark (safe harbour)  – basically everywhere you look it will all be about the Admin.

For more information on the Admin road to Dreamforce click here.

Not going to Dreamforce?

Don’t be too disheartened if you are not attending the event! It may be the most popular, but there are plenty of other fantastic Salesforce events that you can be apart of throughout the year. We will also bring you the best bits of each day through our podcast and various blogs.

Other Events

As Chris Edwards – Salesforce MVP and consultant rightly puts it, “The World Tour events are great for getting a feeling for the Salesforce community in your local geography”, meaning you don’t have to travel far to get the feel of Dreamforce just on a smaller scale.

Geraldine Gray , MVP, creator of #GirlyGeek and Salesforce Consultant at Endiem, loves attending Dreamforce, but equally loves attending some of the smaller events “If Dreamforce is too far or too long or totally out of your budget I would highly recommend these “Dreamforce to you” type events e.g. Snowforce, that are popping up all over the world. Really, really fun time.”

Thanks to these Legend MVPs for helping share their thoughts on why Dreamforce is so AMAZING!

See you next week.



Dreamforce Mini Blog 2 - Is Dreamforce the best event of the year-  (1)
By Jenny Bamber
23 July 2015
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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