Sync your Google and Salesforce Calendars – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #22


Wouldn’t it be good if you could have your Google Calendar events recorded in Salesforce? Even better, wouldn’t it be great if the event record could be related to the people you have invited? The good news is that this is all possible!

With Cirrus Insight all your events are automatically synced between Salesforce and Google and any updates made to events in Google or Salesforce (dates, times, attendees, etc.) are also synced.

Even more. When you sync events from Salesforce to your Google Calendar you can view those events in Google Calendar and sync them to your mobile device, making the events viewable and editable on the go.

Other features with Cirrus Insight Calendar Sync includes:

  • Hourly sync of events between Google Calendar and Salesforce

  • Google Calendar Auto-refresh from events Cirrus Insights synced from Salesforce.

  • Private event synchronisation

  • Recurring event synchronisation

  • All day event synchronisation on days up to 14 hours long.

  • Sync date range of 8 weeks (2 weeks in the past and 6 weeks in the future)

With Cirrus Insight Calendar Sync you will have more time to focus on the tasks that really count rather than spending valuable time creating events in your two cloud Calendars.

To bring these cloud applications closer together and free up valuable working time check out the steps below:

1. Navigate to the gear icon in the Cirrus Insight side panel and click Calendar Sync.

2. This will load the authorise Google Account window. Here you will be notified that you are selecting your primary Google account for calendar sync. If you are not signed into the calendar you wish to sync, log into the account you wish to sync.

a. Click Authorise Gmail Account.

3.Next Click the Enable Calendar Sync Check Box. And you’re done

Voila! Within seconds of enabling Calendar Sync you will see your calendar events in Salesforce and Google.

If you no longer wish to sync your Google Calendar with Salesforce simply select Disable Calendar Sync.

If you would more information on Calendar Sync or any of the other amazing features that Cirrus Insight has to offer why not give Desynit’s Shaun Holmes a call.

I’ll be back next week with some more useful tips to help you through your working day.

As always please feel free to leave your comments below.

See you next week.

By Jenny Bamber
23 January 2014
Jenny's Weekly TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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