Using Suggested Times on Google Calendar – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #5


Using the Suggested Times feature in Google Calendar

Have you been trying to get hold of your colleagues by trawling through their calendars to see when they are free? Well stop. Now you can send an invite using the ‘Suggested Time’ feature to help book events.

Getting started

So you have scheduled a meeting for a group of your co-workers or your team and then something unexpected comes up, requiring you to reschedule the meeting. Well, rather than roaming through everyone’s calendar trying to find a new time when everyone is free – just use the Suggested Times feature find new times for you and your team!

Find a suggested time

1. Click on your calendar to create an event and click edit

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2. Continue to add all guests you wish to attend the meeting

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3.Click the ‘Suggested Times’ link under Guests and select a time when all invited guests are free.

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If there isn’t a time when all of your guests are available, an error message will be displayed, “No free times for all participants were found through [day and time range you selected]. Choose a different start time to search again”.

Weekend View

If you want to remove Weekend Suggested Times, you will need to remove the Weekend view from your calendar:

1. Click the gear icon at the top of any Google Calendar page and click Settings



2. In the Show weekends section, select No

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This setting affects only your Week and Month views. You’ll still see weekends displayed when you’re viewing with the Agenda view.

Note: If you later decide to display weekends, just select Yes in the Show weekends section.




By Jenny Bamber
25 September 2013
Jenny's Weekly TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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