London Salesforce Admin User Group Round Up – Jenny’s Admin Tip #3

IMG_2349Wow! What a night. As we flung open the doors to our first ever London Salesforce Admin user group in the lush DotMailer office, we welcomed around 40 fellow Admin superstars into the loving organiser arms of Matt Morris, Chris Edwards, Michael Gill and Francis Pindar. Once introductions were made, over a few non/alcoholic beverages and nibbles,  the presentations began!

First up, cool as cucumber, Michael Gill. He took to the mic like a pro and gave the eager crowd a much awaited run down on some of the amazing features that we can expect from the Winter 15 release. I think a lot of people were happy to hear news about the Salesforce 1 app, including Communities and the new Action bar. I know I was.

Next to take on the #AwesomeAdmins was MVP Mr Francis Pindar with his (untimed) 5 minutes feature slot. Francis shone his light on IMAGE formulas which turned out to be a big hit with the crowd and a unsung hero in Salesforce land. He certainly got a green tick for this overlooked or even forgotten feature.

Lastly, we had the amazingly relaxed, Success Community legend, Chris Edwards! Chris crunched through 300 pages of release notes and revealed the hidden gems that may impact the way you administer and configure your salesforce environment. A biggy for all admins, is the announcement of Duplicate Management thanks to 65160 votes (at last check) on the success community. There were others from Lead conversion on the Salesforce1 App to searching for additional items in the Setup menu. Something for everyone!

After the #AwesomeAdmins presentations were over, Mike took to the stage once again this time for wait for it…Open Mic. This basically gave users an opportunity to give a 2 minute sound off about anything related to Salesforce. There were shoutouts for a Brighton Meet up to a plea to vote up an Idea on the success community. As If Open Mic wasn’t enough, The Aha! Bar opened for business, this is where peers could seek advice from the present MVPs and Developer Evangelists. A special thanks to Bob Buzzard, CTO at BrightGen for giving so freely of your time and knowledge.

Phew! I think I managed to pack it all in! To be apart of this fantastic event and community you will simply have to come to the next Admin meetup in November to see for yourself! It only costs your time and you will gain more than just knowledge.

Want to see the presentations from last night? Thanks to the hosts, they have kindly added them to the Salesforce Admin Meet Up page. Check them out here!

Special thanks to Dotmailer for the AMAZING venue and the AWESOME hospitality!

See you next month!


By Jenny Bamber
3 October 2014
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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