Making the Marketing Automation magic happen: An unlikely love story

Marketing meets IT: a love story against all odds…..

Do you remember when the Marketing dept. produced the brochures…and IT fixed the printer?

Well times have changed. Nowadays, the most effective marketing is the stuff that’s genuinely helpful, well timed and welcome. And that calls for some serious cross departmental cozying up…..

They may not be the likeliest of matches, but Ms Marketing and Mr IT really are the hot new office romance. So how did this latest watercooler romance come about? And what will make it a lasting love, rather than just a fumble in the dark?

Ms Marketing needs Mr IT

Getting the right message to the right person, at the right time – that’s always been Ms Marketing’s mantra. She knows full well that the starting point for any communication will always be great positioning.

But once Ms Marketing has all of that in place, what’s next? The days of an email blast to every name in the database are long over. She wants to talk to each of her prospects intelligently, a one to one conversation. Goodness knows, everyone wants to feel special, listened to, understood, and not just on Valentine’s day.

The thing is, in order to be this sensitive, and intuitive, the irony is that she’s going to need the help of someone with logic on their side…. maybe even a little robotic. Powerful content coupled with awesome automation – wow, this is the stuff (electric) dreams are made of. Could this be what’s been missing in her life all this time, after all…

Mr IT needs Ms Marketing

For him, everything begins with logic. And rules, and calculations. This is the foundations of making things happen, and so far its stood him in good stead. He’s been able to put together the systems the business need to run, diligently, day after day.

But in recent years, he had his eyes opened a little, and it all started with his introduction to CRM. Suddenly, for someone who has always struggled a bit with empathy, he’s found himself in the business of ‘relationship management’. And you know what? It’s starting to make sense.

It turns out that great relationships can be partly built on logic…transactional data…FACTS. He’s on solid ground with facts, he can SCORE facts, he can add them up, weight them, make sense of them. Bingo. But there is still something missing among all these facts, and that’s feeling. If only he could add some feelings into the mix, finally, he might go all the way…

So how’s the magic going to happen?

We think we know, and we’ll let you in on the secret.

Once IT have a fantastic CRM like Salesforce in their hands, Marketing will see them in whole new light. Suddenly the sky’s the limit – between them, they can automate their way to success. But…it could be a bumpy ride.

Here at Desynit, we understand both sides of the relationship. We’ve got the know how to get your marketing and IT working together in perfect harmony.

Think of us as Cupid – drawing the star-crossed lovers together, and getting Marketing and Tech all loved up.

Check out Ms Marketing and Mr IT’s dating profiles, below.


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Come on, isn’t it time that you felt the love?

By Amy Grenham
13 February 2014
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