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Getting Salesforce support =  Salesforce Success

One thing you need to know about Bristol: we love balloons. Every year we have a balloon fiesta and the city skies fill with drifting colourful shapes, silently powering over early morning and late evening roof tops.

Therefore, what could be more suitable than a Bristol based Salesforce consultancy using balloon-based iconography to communicate the three tiered Salesforce Support packages?

“But what’s the difference?” you might be saying to yourself, “It all looks like a lot of hot air to me?”

Well the difference is that these are three quite different types of craft.. very much in line with our support success plans.

Basic ‘Lift Off’

Basic Salesforce Support Package Lift OffDid you know that the earliest recorded passenger hot air balloon flight took place in 1782, and was the first human-carrying flight technology? In a similar vein, our ‘Lift Off’ Salesforce support package is the initial stage to get you off the ground. You’ll be up and cruising before you know it, with access to a whole new perspective on your customer data. Aimed at Professional Edition with 1-10 users, you will be able to pick up the phone and get help with any query relating to the basic management and set up of your platform, reports and dashboards.

Advantage ‘High Altitude’

Salesforce Support Package High AltitudeThe Breitling Balloon earned it’s fame as the original balloon to circumnavigate the globe non-stop, taking just under 20 days and achieving altitudes of over 11,000ft. And what’s more, it was built in Bristol by our very own Cameron Balloons. What could be a more perfect icon for our Advantage ‘High Altitude’ package: Taking you up and beyond the competition, just like a Breitling balloon, this is where cutting edge technologies start to give you the advantage (e.g Salesforce Lightning). With all the features from the Lift Off package, plus additional support for data, workflows and more complex customisations, this package is designed for the Professional or Enterprise Edition customers, typically looking to support 10-30 users.

Premium ‘Stratospheric’

Salesforce Support Package StratosphericIn 2012 Felix Baumgartner travelled to a height of  39kms in a helium balloon. In the stratosphere at that point, the next stop would have been space. Instead, he jumped out and skydived to Earth (smashing the sound barrier for good measure on the way down).

Are you ready to take it to the edge of the atmosphere? Our ‘Stratospheric’ package is the only craft for your mission. Our Premium support package will take you to the highest level of Salesforce usage, a comprehensively stellar plan for Enterprise customers with up to 100 users. With access to all the benefits of the other two plans, plus the complex customisation, release management and scheduled analytics, all under the management of a dedicated account manager, this is truly the out-of-this-world support offering (at a very grounded price point).

Click for full details of our Salesforce Support Success Plans and what they include

Want to go even more intergalactic? Call us for our Premium + built-to-order ‘Orbital’ plan

Gary and the Desynit Salesforce support offeringWe are looking forward to seeing existing and new customers achieve even greater heights with their usage of the Salesforce platform. If you like to have a conversation now about which plan would suit your organisation plus information on pricing, please contact Gary either by email at [email protected] or call on 0117 373 6784

Salesforce Support Packages
By Amy Grenham
29 November 2017
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