Manual Upload Settings in Google Drive – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #30

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One of the most appealing features of Google Drive is the option to upload non Google Drive formatted files such as Excel, Word etc ready for sharing and editing with your colleagues and/or clients. This feature was covered in Weekly Tip #7 – Converting Files in Google Drive, which walked you through how to upload files directly from the Google Drive Web Interface and from Google Drive Sync client on your PC or Mac.

While the process of uploading files (upload, navigate to file and click ‘open with’ to convert the file to Google format) is still reliable and useful, it is one that can become quite tedious, especially if you have a number of file uploads to Google Drive.

That is why enabling the automatic convert feature in Google Drive makes uploading and converting files a much smoother process and provides you with more time to focus on collaborating rather than converting.

To find out how to enable the automatic convert option in Google Drive, follow the simple steps below.

1. Click the in the top right corner in your Google Drive.

2. Hover over ‘Upload Settings’ and Click ‘Convert uploaded files to Google Docs format.’

You can also chose to ‘Convert text from uploaded PDF and image files’ or ‘Confirm setting before each upload’ by following the same step.

These settings will apply to all future uploads, but you may change your settings at any time by un-ticking the selected option.

In two simple steps you no longer have to manually convert your files once they have been uploaded to Google Drive.

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See you next week for more useful tips.

By Jenny Bamber
20 March 2014
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