NEW! Salesforce Advantage Trailblazing – Jenny’s Admin Tip #52


Did someone say new Trail?

In my opinion nothing compares to starting  a working week better than a brand spanking new trail on Trailhead. Yes that’s right. If you are not yet aware, Trailhead has launched a new beginner trail aimed at the Salesforce Admins, Developers and Business Users. This time with a twist.

We are all well aware that the existing Trails are there to help users, admins, business analysts and developers extend their configuration and development knowledge of the Salesforce platform. It does this by providing information and then a little questionnaire  to guide your learning path. Whether that be learning the basics of CRM or delving into Advanced Formulas and coding with Apex – there is something for everyone.

This new trail is refreshing and it is made up of 4 modules: 1) Salesforce’s success Model, 2)Salesforce Cloud Benefits, 3)Salesforce Technology Basics and 4)its ecosystem. All of which help pave the way to your success story on the platform.

Now the reveal, let me introduce the new trail – “Navigate the Salesforce Advantage.”

The Trail is made up of 4 modules as mentioned above and should take roughly 1hr and 20 mins to complete. On completion you should have a better understanding of what Salesforce is and the core benefits it provides to your business.

Module 1 – Salesforce Success Model, you will also learn about the 4 differentiating forces that drives Salesforce as a company, Customer Success, Innovation, Leadership and  Giving Back; all of which are AMAZING. Here are two that stick out the most for me:-

Innovation – “Our customers drive us to be more innovative.”

Salesforce isn’t at #1 on the Forbes ‘World’s Most Innovative Companies’ for no reason! It’s true, innovation is key to Salesforce’s success and we, as users, benefit from it. It is reassuring to know Salesforce cares so much about its customers. They keep us happy by updating, improving and releasing new products – like Salesforce IQ (Brainy), Pardot (Smart Marketing) and one of my favs’, Chatter! (Well the Chatty one) I’m sure there is something you love too?

Customer Success“Their goals are our goals. Their feedback is our directive. We aren’t successful unless they’re winning at what they do.”

Customer Success is designed for you and I, small and large business, ideas big and small… Your success is at the heart of everything Salesforce does, it is their main goal. It is good to see that not only are we in the Salesforce Innovators minds but we are also in the hearts of every Salesforce employee. Naaw. Doesn’t it make you feel special 🙂

Module 2 – Salesforce Cloud Benefits: “The decision to grow roots in cloud computing was made entirely based on the value it adds for customers.”

In this module you will learn about Salesforce’s core values. This will be achieved by gaining a basic understanding of cloud computing and its core concept – SaaS, and you will also learn why the answer to some of your user problems can be found in the AppExchange. Oh so mysterious.

Module 3 – Salesforce Technology Basics: “Nothing is more important to our company than the privacy of our customers’ data”.

This is the most interesting module (for me). I mean where else could you learn about how you are a tenant (customer), living in your own layer (metadata), whose landlord (Salesforce) maintains the (multitenancy) apartment building you live in, all the while making sure you are all secure and protected??

Module 4 – the Salesforce ecosystem“Share. Learn. Join. Succeed.”

Here you will learn about things close to all Salesforce users heart’s e.g. the community, UGs, events, forums and more. I mean come on 2 MILLION Success Community users…Need I say more?

So how will knowing this information help you as an Admin going forward?

Knowledge is power:- Knowing what Salesforce is will only serve you to better understand and enjoy the product you are Administering.

So what are you waiting for? Get Trailblazing here!

See you next week.


By Jenny Bamber
18 February 2016
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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