A guide to the best Spring Batch tutorials and how to use them

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Getting started on the Spring Batch Framework

If you are currently getting to grips with the Spring Batch Framework, then I’ve done some of the work for you by pointing you in the direction of the most useful tutorials and tips on how to best use them.

What is Spring Batch?

Spring Batch is an open source framework used for batch processing on an enterprise scale. It’s a lightweight and comprehensive solution, allowing the developing of robust batching applications. You can read more about it on the Spring Batch homepage.

Recommendations for the best three tutorials

When you want to get going with the Spring Batch framework however, take a deep breath, as the official documentation is 136 pages long. It’s very useful and undeniably complete, but somehow doesn’t quite give you the toehold you need to make a start.  You can download a number of very useful samples and downloads from the Spring Source website, but again, difficult to get on with if you are not yet up and running.

My recommendation is to take a look at these three tutorials and work your way through them.

Spring Batch Hello World 1

Spring Batch Hello World 2

Spring Batch Hello World 3

A pre-tutorial guide

Before you make a start though, take a moment to read through my own blog entry on these tutorials. As I’ve commented,

They are a bit 2008 and therefore do not work out of the box with Spring 3 and Spring Batch 2.x

To overcome this, I have outlined the updates, designed to allow you to deploy Spring 3 and Spring Batch 2.1.8 successfully. Hopefully by figuring it all out and publishing the fixes you need, I’ll have saved you a whole lot of time and head scratching.

If you find this useful, then please do follow my blog, as I regularly posts developer updates on a range of subjects.

By Simon Lawrence
8 August 2012
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