Putting the Bristol Green Capital team into the cloud with Salesforce.com

Bristol is going to be the Green Capital of Europe 2015

Desynit backed Bristol’s bid all the way, to become the European Green Capital in 2015. With the full support of our new Mayor, George Ferguson, and the coordination of the team at Bristol Green Capital Partnership, our city is ready to take on the challenge of becoming a green role model for other cities around the world.

What this means for the city of Bristol

We are really excited about Bristol’s role as the Green Capital of Europe.  Firstly, and most importantly, we want to support a campaign that puts environmental issues at the heart of the political agenda. As a business and as individuals we can see it’s time for real change.

Beyond this, it’ also going to bring with it some incredible opportunities for the local economy.We will have the power to attract inward investment to the city, by creating a platform for environmental goods and services.

Making the campaign work on Salesforce.com

And we very proud that we are now working with their campaign team to get them successfully running on Salesforce. As a tool for their communications, Salesforce.com is a perfect fit – linking together teams in different locations, coordinating their efforts and communicating to the right people at the right time.

Cloud computing is green computing

But its also important to mention that Salesforce is the perfect fit for any business serious about reducing their carbon footprint. Why?  In brief here are four good reasons why cloud computing plays a role in making a more sustainable business future:-

  • Cloud solutions using technology such as Salesforce.com are 95% more efficient that traditional on-site hardware and software and 64% more efficient than private clouds.
  • Multi-tenancy architecture effectively means more companies operating off the same stack, and therefore less data centre power consumption.
  • Sharing documents online saves paper
  • Web-based collaboration tools such as Chatter, Skype etc means less ‘rubber on the road’, which in turn means less carbon in the atmosphere.
Watch the film

We’ve captured the story of how we worked with Bristol Green Capital on film. Thanks to Darren Hall, Partnership Manager at Bristol Green Capital for his involvement.

By Shaun Holmes
1 July 2013
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