Salesforce and You: A Love Story – Jenny’s Admin Tip #16

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Remember the first time you set eyes on Salesforce? So new, special, different, exciting – it might even have been love at first sight. Time ticks by and your relationship with the platform moves on. The question is this: How do you keep the love alive?

The good news is that with an attentive (technology) partner like Salesforce, lavishing you with a whole host of new and exciting updates three times a year, you never need feel neglected again. Salesforce Winter, Spring and Summer releases can be just as exciting as a bunch of red roses, for Admin and Users alike. You only have to look at the Winter 15 release with it’s alluring updates to see that.

Hope Springs with each new update

You may well still be getting cozy with the Winter 15 release (I <3 you Advance Setup Search!), it’s now time to spring into action with the next release. So pucker up and give these Spring 15 updates the attention they deserve. Your users will thank you for it!

A Brief Encounter with bad data – Duplicate Management

OK, let’s start with a difficult truth. There is nothing more painful than seeing your data lead a double life *pinch bridge of nose and sigh*.“ Yes, duplicate data can be the thorn to your rose.  But that’s not going to happen to you. Instead of blankly gazing at the merge accounts and contacts wizard command (as great as you have been), you no longer have to have a brief encounter with bad data thanks to Duplicate Management. Take control and decide whether and when you allow users to create duplicate records in Salesforce and fall in love with the reports and logic used to identify duplicates.


A small update with a Titanic impact – Google Maps

Salesforce has gone full steam ahead with this update. The only difference is this is not going to sink your org, but rather direct users onto the right course. How? Maps of course. Your CRM has just become that little bit more legendary with Google Maps as records with standards address fields can now display a Google Maps image of the address. You now have less time searching for an address in a new tab (rearranging the deckchairs) and more time building on those all important relationships (watching out for icebergs)


Never be Lost in Translation – Chatter

Do you find that your Chatter posts are not coming across well? Or find that there is some confusion to the tone of your updates? With this latest update to Chatter you can bring the spark back to your conversations thanks to Emoticons! Everyone needs a smiley tongue face when asking a favour from their colleague, right? As well as Emoticons, there are other Chatter communication updates, e.g. multiple attachments,  that will grow your communication into something more. Your posts will never be lost in translation again. Just watch out for the >:(

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Report Notifications (Armageddon excited about this one!).

Ok. So it’s not quite the end of the world if you don’t receive this update, but it is sure going to feel like you are being saved especially when it comes to be updated about important metrics. With Spring 15, you will now have the option to Subscribe to Receive Report Notifications through Salesforce1, Chatter or Email by setting conditions that will trigger notifications e.g. receive a notification if there are more than 20 open issues. Once you’ve seen this there is no going back. So next time you are ready for blast off, don’t worry about key metrics as you can view them on the go.

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Not looking forward to the Spring 15 updates? Well frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. Because you are truly missing out on some beauties this release. Take a look here to see if  any of these updates tickle your fancy. We’re pretty sure it will be an Affair to Remember/ Enduring Love.

Fallen in love with an update not mentioned above? I want to hear your love story so tweet @jenny_bamber or leave a comment below.

See you next week.


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By Jenny Bamber
9 February 2015
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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