Salesforce Chatter: A place to Post – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #36


Wouldn’t it be great if we could upload files, share photos and post updates about current projects with your colleagues and get feedback, likes and shares in real time, in one central location? This is all possible with Salesforce Chatter.

With Chatter you can post files, polls, comments, search for past posts and even find your colleagues posted updates in your Chatter Feed. Not only does this encourage collaboration, but you are also updated on the information that is relevant to you, right now.

Here is a post from Desynit’s talented Application Developer, Julio Fernandez, with an update regarding a project he had been working on that would concern those who had been @mentioned. This opened the post up for communication as can be seen with the comments made by the different users, Shaun Holmes, Simon Lawrence, another of Desynit’s wonderful Application Developers and Julio himself.

You will find that you can submit a number of different types of post to your Feed, including:

Text Post – Creating a text post is great if you have an update on a current project or recent activity or if you have a question you would like to share with your colleagues for feedback.

Files – Uploading files directly to the Feed is a great way of making content available for users in your organisation to discuss, download and make changes to your information.

Polls – This is an easy method to get your colleagues opinions. Want  a vote on what the next team building activity should be, simply create a poll, share and wait for the votes to roll in.

Comments – This is a simply way of providing feedback to your colleagues post. You can also attach files in your comments or if you’d rather just show your appreciation to their post, send them a thumbs up with the ‘Like option’.

@mentions – If you have a question or a query you would like to direct to specific groups or user, the @mention is a great way of grabbing their attention as it sends a notification letting them know they have been mentioned in your post.

This is just a few examples of what you can expect to post to your Chatter Feed.

For a more detailed description and examples of what and how you can post to the feed, click the following user guide – Salesforce Chatter: Posts.

Alternatively, you can contact Desynit’s very own Shaun Holmes for a friendly chat to see how Salesforce Chatter can help improve your business.

See you next week for some tips about backing up your data.

By Jenny Bamber
1 May 2014
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