Salesforce Chatter: Following – Jenny’s Weekly Tip #42

vector business team of men and their leaderTo get the most out of Salesforce Chatter it’s best to understand the areas in which you can collaborate and communicate with your company. In my past Chatter posts I have walked through how and where you can post information so that your teammates can be updated on what you are working on. This week, I shall focus on how you can view information that is posted by your colleagues by simply clicking the Follow button icon.

The Follow button  icon simply allows you to follow. So, what and who can we follow? Well the answer is almost everything!  With Salesforce Chatter all users and public record such as an individual account or opportunity record, which has been enabled by your administrator can be followed. This means that whenever something changes in that record, you’ll be notified in real time in your news feed. This allows you to personalise your Chatter to the information that is relevant to you.

So lets take a look at how you can follow records.

Following Records

Click Follow button Follow on a:

  • Record detail page, in the record feed above the Followers list

  • Person’s Following list, next to the record

When you follow a record you see updates to the record in your Chatter feed.

To stop following a record, click blue X button on the record detail page or on the record’s hover. After you stop following a record, you don’t see future updates to the record in your Chatter feed.

Following People

Click Follow button Follow to follow a person wherever you see the person’s name in Chatter, for example on the:

  • Person’s profile page

  • People list view

  • Person’s hover

  • Recommendations list

  • Followers and Following lists

To stop following a person, hover over the person’s name and click blue X button next to Following. When you stop following a person, you don’t see future updates from that person in your Chatter feed.

For more information on following Records and Users click the link below.

Salesforce Chatter: Who are you Following?

Or if you want to chat about Salesforce Chatter possibilities within your company, pop Desynit’s Shaun Holmes a call.

I’ll see you next week for more cloud tech tips.

By Jenny Bamber
12 June 2014
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