Salesforce Christmas Cracker: Adam Pearless – Jenny’s Admin Tip #69


Coming in with a bang on day 5, we have the witty straight talker, Salesforce trainer and rock star blogger – Adam Pearless!

Keepin’ it real and straight to the point. Take it away Adam.

What do you love most about Christmas?

This year it will be taking a break. It’s been a busy year for me and it’s great to see my business – Nimbostratus, have an amazing year. This Christmas I’m going off the grid in Australia and Vietnam.

What’s the best thing about Salesforce this year?

All the Salesforce events have been amazing! I mean there was Dreamforce16 which was awesome. So was the London World Tour and French Touch Dreamin. I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to present at all of them! Bring on the next ones.

What’s the best thing you have learned from SF this year?

Everyone was talking about their #ohana. That’s a good thing right?

What is your Salesforce Advice for 2017?

The simplest solution is usually the best one. Unless it’s just another checkbox.

What is the geekiest / best Christmas present you have received / given?

I have a few, but my best is my electronic toothbrush. It actually sends a review of my brushing to my phone.

What is your Salesforce New Years Resolution?

Make Salesforce Great Again.

What is your favourite Christmas Cracker Joke?

Why was the hippie so cold?

Because of the snowman…

What is your favourite childhood memory?

That time I got left behind at home and opened all the presents and set traps for the burglars. Or was that in a movie?

We love your humour, Adam! Have an awesome Christmas where ever in the world you may be.

See you soon.


By Jenny Bamber
13 December 2016
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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