Salesforce Christmas Cracker: Erica Kuhl – Jenny’s Admin Tip #67


Day no’3 of the Salesforce Christmas Crackers and taking the reins this time we have non other than Vice President, Community at Salesforce – Erica Kuhl!

What do you love most about Christmas?

As cliche as it sounds – it’s about getting together with family.  And it’s about the traditions my husband’s family have had in place for years and seeing my kids now taking part in them.

What’s the best thing about Salesforce this year?

I really feel like it’s going to be the year of COMMUNITY!  It’s become the heart of everything we do – it’s always been like that for me – but now it’s like that for the whole company.  Our community is such a major value and it’s something that many other companies don’t have – our ecosystem is astounding and I’m thrilled beyond belief to see the investment the company is making in it.

What’s the best thing you have learned from SF this year?

That dreams really do come true.  I’ve been hard at work for 15 years believing, nurturing, growing, championing for our amazing community of trailblazers.  And we’ve hit the big time and our whole company is rallying behind this amazing ecosystem.

 What is your Salesforce Advice for 2017?

Get onboard with Lightning.  We are really focused on lightning adoption and helping make everyone successful and recognise the powerful value it will bring their companies.  It’s an exciting roadmap and we are all committed to it.

What is the geekiest / best Christmas present you have received / given?

I am a huge gift giver – my favourite time to give gifts is outside of the major holidays.  When I see something I love for someone, I buy it and give it to them for nothing.  I think my favourite geekiest gift I got for Christmas was a Mr. Coffee warmer to keep my mug hot while I work away.

What is your Salesforce New Years Resolution?

To dream big on what’s next for our powerful/passionate Salesforce Community.  Rarely we get a chance to do that – but I want to make time to dream big.

What is your favourite Christmas Cracker Joke?

I didn’t even know about Christmas Crackers until recently when i found some at a local store.  I brought them to dinner one night with my whole family (the rare time we hosted Christmas at my house) and we put the hats on and took pictures and laughed our heads off

What is your fav’ childhood Christmas memory?

I grew up Jewish so I only really started truly celebrating Christmas when I met my husband.
I only opened one present at a time for 8 days and all the focus was always on that one gift.  I remember going over to a family friend’s house for Christmas once when we visited them from out of town.  On Christmas morning, I had my one present and they had like a zillion presents.  I opened my one and loved it and then watch in horror as our family friends kids tore open all their presents and tossed them aside right after they opened them.  I thought they were the most ungrateful brats – and they were!  It made me appreciate everything I always get no matter what. Now when we open all the gifts on Christmas morning, we go one by one and appreciate everyone of them.  Giving thanks and hugs in between.  It takes forever but it’s a good lesson and it makes it so worthwhile.
Merry Christmas Erica! Have an awesome holiday!
See you soon
By Jenny Bamber
9 December 2016
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