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For today’s Salesforce Christmas Cracker we have the amazing, 4xMVP, Community Mentor and super star Admin – Jackie Travieso! Take it away, Jackie!

What do you love most about Christmas?

There are two things that I enjoy most about Christmas. The year-long quest to find unique, handcrafted, one-of-a-kinds that you can’t find at the mall or box stores. Secondly, is the enjoyment of making gifts. We have a tradition of making Chocolate Martini Mix for friends each year. They’ve come to expect it and I think each has their own rationing plan until next year’s batch. This year, I’m trying something new, I’m experimenting with essential oils and learning about the benefits EOs bring. Oh, does the house smell good when I’m crafting!

What’s the best thing about Salesforce this year?

The best thing about Salesforce, as a company, they continue to stand their ground on equality in business and within the world. If more organizations had a stronger moral compass, we would be so much better off. They fight for humanity.

The best thing about, the product, is their continued strides to support their users through free training via Trailhead.

The best thing about Salesforce Success Community, the culture, is the tried and true safe place. We have some many venues for asking questions, seeking guidance, and extending our friendships that it pushes us to be better and pay it forward by helping others in return.

What’s the best thing you have learned from SF this year?

The best thing I’ve learned this year is that I CAN and WILL conquer Lightning Experience!

What is your Salesforce Advice for 2017?

Find a Salesforce buddy! If you are new to Salesforce, or shy about meeting people, attend a WiT* meeting first because they are social, no-pressure events. Once you get acquainted with one or two people, take the next step and join a User Group and attend a meeting. Agree to meet your new buddy there!

If local events aren’t doable, find someone on Twitter or Success Community whom you think you could connect with comfortably. Reach out to him or her and begin a dialog. There are plenty of people who enjoy making connections and mentoring on a regular basis or simply when needed.

Here are some direct message openers you might like:

   I’ve seen you post some very helpful Tweets. I have a couple quick questions, if you have a minute.

   I’m learning about ___________ and see that you have experience in this area, can I pick your brain?

   I’m new to Salesforce and am so lost… could you help me get on the right path?

In-person chat starters:

   How long have you been using Salesforce?

   Which edition, cloud(s) does your company use?

   Are you working on any automation projects?

   Which AppExchange apps have you found most valuable?

   Do you have any favorite tools for capturing requirements?

*WiT means Women in Tech, however everyone is welcome!

What is the geekiest / best Christmas present you have received / given?

Only one thing comes to mind.. the geekiest, but pretty cool, gift I received when I was in 5th grade was a microscope. I remember looking at all kinds of things under that scope! No other science was done, just looked at stuff.

What is your Salesforce New Year’s Resolution?

The idea of resolutions on a whole are tough… I think I’ll try an absolutely awesome idea I learned from Joni Martin  at Dreamforce16. She focuses on a single word rather than a resolution as a way of discovery, self-awareness, and ultimately self-improvement.

I fell in love with the idea when she explained it and now I have to choose my word. I think I’ll inscribe it on a piece of wood and hang it in my office… now to decide on the word!

What is your favourite Christmas Cracker Joke?

I confess! I had to Google this one! I had no idea what a Christmas Cracker Joke was. I was thinking actual crackers and Polly, the parrot, came to mind. Nope, that wasn’t it!

Compliments of “50 Best Christmas Cracker Jokes”…

 What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?

 A Christmas Quacker!

 That one seemed so appropriate! Get it? Cracker, Quacker. HAHA, I quack myself up!

What is your fav’ childhood Christmas memory?

My favourite Christmas memory was actually as an adult. We rented a cabin in North Carolina and had snow for Christmas.

Loving the New Years resolution idea, Jackie. Thanks for sharing and spreading the Christmas joy. Have a fab holiday.

See you soon,


By Jenny Bamber
8 December 2016
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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