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Wow! What a year 2016 has been. With Salesforce new features galore, Dreamforce, and the Community spirit at all time high – #ohana, this year has certainly been one to remember. So whilst  “snow is falling all around us”,  this year all I want for Christmas is… to give you 12 Christmas crackers! That’s 12 Salesforce Christmas crackers. 

With just over 12 working days to gohoho before Christmas I took to the Salesforce Community to see what they love about Christmas, what Salesforce has brought them this year and what are they looking forward to in 2017. 

Today’s Christmas Cracker is non other than MVP, 3 x certified and Trailhead badge legend  – Jennifer W.Lee!

What do you love most about Christmas?

I love this time of year when families get together to spend the holidays and things quiet down towards the end of the year. My family traditionally celebrates Christmas with gifts on Xmas eve and Christmas is spent just hanging out. This year will be different, we’re going to be celebrating Christmas at Magic Kingdom with Mickey and Minnie!

What’s the best thing about Salesforce this year?

unnamedYou probably mean Salesforce in the platform, but when I think Salesforce, I think about many positive things. OMG, where do I start? This year has been really memorable for me Salesforce wise as I become a Salesforce MVP, met Marc Benioff, being a first time presenter and MVP at Dreamforce and at this year’s Dreamforce, I truly got to experience what #SalesforceOhana is. It was a family reunion and I finally got to meet many people I’ve met via Twitter in the flesh. There were so many hugs exchanged. I love how Melinda Smith and I were captured in the #Ohana footage. I love that Trailhead has exploded and is a great tool to learn more about the platform that you may not have exposure to in your day to day job and also learn soft skills as well.

What’s the best thing you have learned from SF this year?

I definitely increased my knowledge of process builder and flow, which I LOVE, LOVE. But, I learned apex via the RADWomen program and the Apex workshop series offered by Luke Cushanick and Ohad Idan. Now, when we do code reviews or I need to look at code in our orgs, it’s not a foreign language to me. #TheMoreYouKnow

What is your Salesforce Advice for 2017?

Never stop learning. Continue to have that thirst to move your knowledge forward with Trailhead, trainings, etc. But also, pay it forward. Give back to the community, whether it’s mentoring someone new, sharing your knowledge with others via the success community, blogging, presenting Webinars.

What is the geekiest / best Christmas present you have received / given?

Oh gosh…I totally do not do geeky stuff. I’m so lame in this regard. My gift to myself this year is a new laptop! Can’t wait to get it setup and ready to go! May get stickers…

What is your Salesforce New Years Resolution?

I would like to add a couple more certifications. I’d also like to get out to more regional community events to learn more, possible share content, but also equally important is to socialise with my Salesforce peeps.

What is your fav’ childhood memory?

Spending time with my family when we were younger. My siblings and I would put together little plays/shows with our various toys/figurines and my dad would record them. No silly ideas. I’m sure there is no evidence of these VHS videos today…

What is your favourite Christmas Cracker Joke?

LOL. What is a Christmas Cracker? I think it may be a UK thing. I had to google it and found this one that I liked.

What goes Ho Ho Whoosh, Ho Ho Whoosh?

Santa going through a revolving door!


Thanks for the amazing insight Jen. Have a truly awesome Christmas!

See you soon.


By Jenny Bamber
7 December 2016
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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