Salesforce Christmas Cracker: Scott Gassmann – Jenny’s Admin Tip #68


It’s time for our Salesforce Christmas Cracker no’4. Kick starting the week off with his insight into Christmas and Salesforce, we have Salesforce Solution Architect, blogger , and certification guru (he has 10!!) – Scott Gassmann!

Take it away smiley Scott –

What do you love most about Christmas?

It’s got to be a combination of Christmas Carols,  Mince Pies and hoping to see some snow in London (we don’t get much of this in Brisbane Australia)

What’s the best thing about Salesforce this year?

The Salesforce community raising $4 Million USD for (RED) to end Aids in this generation at Dreamforce! As well as all the European community events like Surf Force, Londons Calling and French Touch Dreamin.

What’s the best thing you have learned from SF this year?

I can’t tell you how much I love Custom Metadata Types!

What is your Salesforce Advice for 2017?

Lightning is here to stay and I think that it’s going to be important to start fleshing out your plan to move to lightning if you haven’t transitioned already. Be sure to understand the features you need and If they have been released or where they are on the road map if not. Remember to start small with a pilot group of users once you get going!

What is the geekiest Christmas present you have received?

Would have to be a big plush minion with a built in ‘be do be do be do’  alarm

What is your Salesforce New Years Resolution?

Become a Certified Application Architect and join the 100 trailhead badge club!

What is your favourite Christmas Cracker Joke?

Why did Santa’s helper see the doctor…

Because he had low elf esteem!

What is your favourite childhood memory?

My Dad bringing home old computers from work (286’s if you remember these) and pulling them apart and then learning how I could put them back together..  Trust me when you are 7 this is possibly the coolest thing you could do!


Thanks for sharing Scott! I can’t promise snow, but I’m and sure there will be plenty of mince pies and other festivity to make up for it.

Have a great Christmas!

See you soon.


By Jenny Bamber
12 December 2016
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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