Technology to save the planet

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Stories of sustainability on the platform

What do cans of lager have to do with the successful insulation of Aberdeen’s social housing estate? Are you a socializer, an achiever, an explorer…or a killer? And why are waste bins at the heart of the ‘smart city’ technology revolution, about to change our lives.

If you had been at Desynit’s mid-summer festival of ‘green’ technology last week, then you would know the answers to these questions. In the year that Bristol holds the title of European Green Capital 2015, it was fitting that the evening was dedicated to organisations which are addressing the environmental problems we face, with technology-based solutions.

Our guests travelled from all over the UK to attend, and we were also delighted to welcome a number of environmentally active Bristol-based organisations too.

Darren Hall, CEO of Big Green Week, and the man who led Bristol’s successful bid for European Green Capital (powered by the Salesforce platform) introduced the event, and our speakers. The presentations we heard came from MD of Bath-based Big Belly Solar UK, Matt Crisp, Steve Carrington from IRT Surveys and Simon Wheeldon from CloudApps.

In keeping with an event showcasing sustainable solutions, our catering for the evening was from the best of local suppliers, who work hard to make sure all of their produce is ethically sourced and prepared. The legendary Hart’s Bakery supplied the food and the drinks from Vin2O. All of which, thanks to our kind hosts, Bristol legal firm Smith and Williamson, we were able to enjoy with a rooftop view across central Bristol.

If you’d like to find out more about our speakers take a look at our Slideshare.

We also took the opportunity to create some #Greenheroes in our photobooth…

Green Hero

You can see all the pictures from the evening here on our Facebook page.

Technology to save the planet

Posted by Desynit onĀ Thursday, 9 July 2015

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2015-07-08 Forcewest-43
By Amy Grenham
13 July 2015
ForcewestThe Good Systems Blog

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