The Desynit Good Egg Awards 2014


Welcome to the Desynit Good Egg Awards!

Happy Easter. Spring is in the air, and it’s as good a time as any to pause, reflect and give thanks. With this in mind, we’d like to introduce the brand new ‘Desynit Good Egg Awards’.

We are lucky enough at Desynit to have some great people around us – in the form of customers, suppliers, partners, and friends. These awards are a chance for us to recognise just a few of these individuals who we really think are egg-ceptional.

By that, we mean someone who supports others, shares their knowledge and expertise generously, and generally makes the world a better place.

So here they are, in no particular order, the Desynit Dozen – our Good Eggs for 2014. Thank you for being great in a range of ways!

NB Our Good Eggs may be puzzling over what their prize is egg-xactly……well, we’ve made a donation to local children’s charity, the Jessie May Trust, on their behalf.

RED-Good-Egg-Badge1 Juandi Abbott

A Business Integration Manager with CPA Global, Juandi (also known as ‘Pod’), has worked with Jeremy Yearron for many years. Pod is capable, professional and fulsome in her praise of colleagues and contractors and a dream to work with. You will seldom meet a better team player.

2 Peter Chittum

If you’ve ever attended a training event, sat your Salesforce Developer certification, or benefited from a community event, then it’s more than likely that the hand of Peter Chittum has been at work here. Peter is a Salesforce Developer Evangelist, and is bringing developing on the platform to new audiences every day.  We think it’s time to award him his Good Egg Certificate.

BLUE-Good-Egg-Badge3 Bryony Thomas

Bryony Thomas has taken her years of top marketing experience, turned it into a very hard-working methodology and published her secret sauce in this best-selling and brilliant book Watertight Marketing. She speaks hard-boiled business sense, tells it like it is, and believes in commercial karma.

4 Charlie Cowan

We met Charlie at our very first ever Forcewest, and since then he has presented twice at the event (here he is on our Forcewest film clip). We think Charlie’s a good egg because he is a community contributor, generous in referrals and generally a nice guy. Always suave, never scrambled.


5 Mark Stonham

If you have a question about social selling via LinkedIn, then this is your man. With this expertise at his fingertips, Mark’s happy to help and generous with his knowledge. But the thing that we particularly like about Mark, is his free range approach to business networking in the real world too….and if you haven’t met him already, you need to get out a bit more often!

6 Phil Walton

Purveyor of the ‘Salesforce Tip of the Week’ newsletter, leader of the North of England Salesforce User Group, top contributor on the AppExchange, Salesforce MVP….how could we not give Phil Walton a Good Egg award? Whatever your Salesforce question, Phil will put you in the picture. Quite funny too – he’ll crack you up….

GREEN-Good-Egg-Badge7 Sonja Jefferson & Sharon Tanton

Double-yolker this one. Sonja & Sharon are the brains behind Valuable Content. They believe that businesses that share their knowledge generously and freely, in the form of (truly) great content, shall be rewarded. Check out their website  – you’ll see they practice what they preach. Fun, wise and witty.

 8 The Lord Mayor of Bristol

Faruk Choudhury is the hardworking Lord Mayor of Bristol. He devotes his time to promoting and supporting our city and attends over 800 engagements a year, and he does it all with calm, and good humour. We are going to have to get a Lord Mayor costume to put in our Superhero dressing up box, but that’s another story.

PINK-Good-Egg-Badge9 Stacey McCarthy

Ok, this one’s a bit of an inside job: the manager of our serviced offices here at CityPoint. Stacey is a lesson in great customer service to us all – always professional, cheerful, quick to help, no henpecking. Stacey has worked hard at making CityPoint into a community, with a range of fundraising and social events. Stacey, you are a Good Egg, no mistaking.

DKBLUE-Good-Egg-Badge10 Geraldine Gray

Founder of Consultancy Endiem and Salesforce MVP (Most Valued Professional), this Brit abroad was unhappy that women in tech were rarer than hen’s teeth. Geraldine set up the Girly Geeks group at Dreamforce in 2010 and she has since expanded the movement into GG chapters worldwide.

11 Keir Bowden

Keir, AKA Bob Buzzard, was one of the first fully certified Salesforce architects in Europe. Keir is a constant positive presence in the community. He co-runs the London Developer User group, blogs regularly on all things tech and mentors MVPS like our own Chris Lewis.

BLUE-Good-Egg-Badge12 Nick Miller

Based in the sunny island of Jersey, from CPA Global, Nick has been collaborating with Desynit for some time now on some of our most exciting technology development projects.  He embraces working alongside external teams and is a truly enthusiastic consumer of new technology and more importantly, real ales. Nick is a strong advocate of the Agile approach to development, let’s hope his egg doesn’t get SCRUMbled.

That’s all, yolks. Not an egg-haustive list, it’s true, but we’d like to toast these particular soldiers this Easter, for being the Good Eggs they are.


By Amy Grenham
14 April 2014
BusinessThe Good Systems Blog

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