The Great British Breakfast at Dreamforce 2014

Great British Breakfast at DF14

What does Autumn mean to you? Swirling leaves, a nip in the air, and darker nights? It’s true, winter is around the corner. But wait a minute…there is still a sunny spot on the horizon..

Hello San Francisco, Hello Dreamforce 2014!

Preparation are well underway here at Desynit, for the Salesforce show of the year on the West Coast. As a UK based company, we thought that it would make sense to carve out a little patch of Britain at the event: a place for businesses to meet, make some new connections and talk about the weather.

So what could be more appropriate than the ‘Great British Breakfast’?

A Great British Breakfast in San Francisco

We propose that the Brits abroad (and friends), meet each morning to enjoy the free breakfast provided at the event. Before the main conference kicks off each morning, grab your brekkie bag and use it as a chance to catch up with the UK crowd.

We are joining forces with our friends at dotmailer, Phil Walton Consultancy and Postcode Anywhere to get the word out.

Sign up today to be part of the Great British Breakfast Club

If you’d like to be part of the Great British Breakfast Club, sign up for updates here and we’ll let you know exact details and location before the event. We hope you can join us, and use this as an opportunity to hook up with old friends and meet a few new ones. You can also join the conversation on Twitter using #DF14BritBrekkie

Finally, if you’ve got colleagues who are making the transatlantic trip, please pass on the invite.

Hope to see you in San Francisco!

By Matthew Morris
24 September 2014
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