The Desynit Good Egg Awards 2015 – Jenny’s Admin Tips #23

Happy Easter and welcome to the Admin Good Egg Awards!

With Easter fast ap-poaching, it’s that time of year when we like to reflect on who we think has been a particularly good egg in the last year. And this time, it’s all about you, Salesforce Admins!

Salesforce Admins are often the unsung hero of the coop – they are the ones keeping the nest in order and making sure no cracks appear. There are certain egg-ceptional individuals out there who really go the extra mile to share their knowledge and expertise with the whole Salesforce admin community. In doing so, they make this journey together a whole lot lighter, and our feathers feels that bit more fluffed.

We think it’s high time that we really sung their praises out this Easter with a proper proper cockle-doodle-do!

So here they are, in no particular pecking-order, the Desynit Dozen – our Admin Good Eggs for 2015. Thank you for being great in a (free) range of ways!

BLUE-Good-Egg-Badge_20151.Tracy Morris

A CRM Support Officer at JISC, Tracy has been a Salesforce Administrator for the past 3 years. Tracy is also a member of various Salesforce Groups including the Bristol User Group, London Admin User Group, Girly Geeks, UKI Non Profit User Group and UKI Community Champions. What a cracking Salesforce Admin advocate!

2.Brent Downey

An awesome Admin at ReadyTalk, a 3x MVP, avid Twitter user and author of the amazing, Brent surely does push boundaries when it comes to helping out his fellow Admins. As for content, Brent Doesn’t’ shy away from providing egg-ceptional tips and tricks to help admins become workplace heros. Seriously, is there anything he can’t do?

3.Jodie Wagner

A manager at Cloud Sherpas, Jodie is a regular attendee at the London Admin User Group and has shown a real interest in Women in Technology. She has a passion to share her Salesforce story and has great ambition in setting up a  London #GirlyGeek User Group. This passion deserves a good egg award from us!

4.Mike Gerholdt

The Salesforce Admin who needs no introduction, Mike is a true inspiration not just for Admins, but developers and executives all over. His ambition to not only share Salesforce features and best practices through the top Salesforce site for admins and developers –, but to also provide his egg-perienced knowledge through community engagement and podcasts, truly makes him the No.1 Admin evangelist.

5.Mike Gill and Chris Edwards

Up next we have a double yolker. Mike and Chris have not only provided egg-cellent contribution to the London Admin User Group, but as authors of SalesforceWeekly, nearly certified everything and a whopping 11 years of Salesforce experience between them, there is certainly no yolking around when it comes to the knowledge that these guys love to share!

6.Jennifer Wobser

Now here is an egg-ample of true Salesforce lover. Self-confessed Cloudmin and the No.1 Admin according to Marc Benioff (right?). Jennifer, a senior cloud consultant at Cloud For Good, has certainly been an inspiration for admins and MVPs alike. With her years of experience, passion for all things Salesforce, especially Salesforce1, and her advice to help others on their Salesforce journey, Jennifer truly is the mother hen of all salesforce admins.

7.Francis Pindar

The celebrity of the egg award list, not only for his magnificent work in the film and theatre industry, but largely due to egg-emplary work in all things Salesforce. This includes his 4xMVP accolade, his participation in the Salesforce Certification Study Group, ‘Francis’ Five Minute Feature’ at the London Admin User Group and much more. You only have to check to see how great Francis has been to Admins and Devs alike this year.

8.Steve Molis

When it comes to answering questions on the Success Community, Steve, a self taught Admin, knows egg-actly what he is talking about. He certainly has free-range when it comes to his quick, quirky and professional contribution to the success community. I mean answering a question with a quote from Leonardo Di’vinci? He isn’t a community leader for no reason and that’s why he deserves a Good Egg award!

9.David Darkins

Practice Director – Service Cloud at Tquila, David, certified Admin, Dev, Consultant and more, sure knows a thing or two about the Service Cloud.  This award is for showing the delights of the Service Cloud to your fellow Admins at the London Admin User Group.

10.Joshua Hoskins

Salesforce global community evangelist, MVP, Admin and more, Joshua loves to chat Salesforce. Not only does Joshua run his own local user group, but he has clearly shown that there are no boundaries when it comes and You only have to see his tweets for that! And as Joshua travels the world spreading his Salesforce love, I’d watch out for Joshua in an area near you. #tagged

11.Justin Edelstein and Jason Atwood

We have another double yolker here, this time to podcasting and blogging gurus Jason and Justin – Co-Founders of ArkusInc. Not only do this awesome duo provide amazing Salesforce content, but the CloudFocusWeekly podcast has just posted Episode #211, which is a feat in itself! If you haven’t listened to a CloudFocusWeekly podcast, then get yourself over to the Arkus website now! Your missing out on some egg-ceptional blogging chemistry. You two are just simply AWESOME!

12. Tori Sansom

Not Admin certified yet, but mention Salesforce to this chick and her face lights up. My scrambled egg award goes to the fabulous Tori, Salesforce Certified Consultant at Acumen Solutions. Tori is leading the charge for Salesforce Admins from the grassroots upwards, and is making it look like a lot of fun in the process. Go Tori!

That’s all, yolks for this week.  Thanks for being a batch of good eggs.

See you next week.


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By Jenny Bamber
2 April 2015
Jenny's Admin TipsThe Good Systems Blog

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